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Libellus Veneris Nigro Sacer (The Little Book Of Black Venus)

Manuscript traditionally attributed to John Dee.

"Est VENUS a Superis mihi datum nomen in Astris
Incola mox Stygius dum TUBA cantat adest
Subditus En Dæmon SIGNI virtute gemiscit
Euge! animi mactusvictor ab hoste redis".

"She is VENUS on High, a name given to me by the Stars.
Soon to be a Stygian sojourner, she appears when the HORN sounds.
The subjugated Dæmon groans under the strenght of the SIGN
Well done! As the victor, infused with glory, you return from the enemy".

"Elle est VENUS en Haut, un nom qui m'a été donné par les Etoiles.
Bientôt telle une aventurière de l'ombre, elle apparaît quand la Corne sonne.
Le Dæmon subjugué cri sous la force du SIGNE
Bravo ! Tel le vainqueur, infusé de gloire, vous retournez  (vainqueur) de votre ennemi".

> The main function of the Horn is to call (summon) the six (evil) spirits ruled by the Black Venus.

> La fonction première de la Corne est pour les appels (invocations) des Six démons sous les auspices de la Vénus Noire..

> Five main tools are used for rituals:A

> Cinq outils seront utilisés au cours du rituel:

- Sigilum Veneris
- Tuba Veneris 
- Magic Circle* 
- Book of Venus
- Feather*

 Sigilum Veneris:

 .."One takes a Piece of new Copper ore and from it makes a Plate the size of the figure drawn below".

 .."On prendra une pièce neuve de Cuivre, et on un pendentif de la taille de la figure  ci-dessous".

.."One must cut this [Plate] according to the number apropriate for the Planets, that is with six Angles: the Character should be engraved using a new and pure iron or steel instrument on the day of Venus in the third or tenth hour of the night, counted from the sundown.

.."On coupera le pendentif dans le cuivre avec le nombre approprié pour les planètes, qui est de six Angles: Les Caractères devront être gravés avec un instrument neuf,  fait de pur acier ou de fer, au jour de Vénus, à la Troisième ou à la Dixième heure de la nuit, à compter du crépuscule.

> Below, This is my own personal Anael Copper Seal.

> Ci-dessous, Ma version du Sceau en Cuivre d'Anael.


"Let the Consecration be done with these Materials:

"Exécuter la Consecration avec ces Matériaux: Verbane, Myrtles, and Musk". (Verveine, Myrte, et du Musc)

"Afterwards one wraps it in new linen and buries it likewise at the aforementioned time of the day of the New Moon, at night next to a flowing body of water, then unburies it on the following night at the hour of Venus, and preserve it for the opportunity of the work"..

"Après quoi, on l'enroulera dans un ligne de lin neuf et on l'enterrera au moment sus mentionné du jour de la Nouvelle lune, la nuit près d'un court d'eau, ensuite on le déterrera la nuit suivante à l'heure de Vénus, et on le préservera pour la poursuite du travail"..

Tuba Veneris:

Below, is my own personal Tuba Veneris.

Ci-Dessous, ma version du Tuba Veneris.

- How to Prepare the Tuba Veneris:

- Comment préparer la Corne de Vénus ?

- Quomodo Tuba Veneris sit præparanda:

.."One takes the Horn of a living Bull, then one takes Vitriol dissolved in vinegar, with which one should wash and purify the Horn, after which one carves the Characters as they are represented in the following sketch, into either side of the horn with the aforementionned Steel Instruments. One must makes sure that the entire preparation of the Horn, including the time it is torn off from the bull, must also be in the times,day and hours of Venus, just as was done in preparing the Seal.Afterwards, one envelops it in smoke, wraps it in linen, and buries it together with the Seal of Venus, then unburies it again and preserves it for later use"..

.."On prendra la corne d'un taureau vivant, puis on prendra du Vinaigre - Vitriol avec lequel on nettoyera la Corne, après quoi on gravera les Characteres comme ils sont représentés dans les dessins, chaque face de la Corne gravée avec les outils sus mentionnés. On prendra soin à veiller pour la fabrication de la Corne,  d'observer l'heure à laquelle la Corne sera retirée du Taureau, (au jours et à l'heure de Vénus), comme pour la préparation du Sceau. Après quoi, on l'encensera , puis on l'enroulera dans un tissu de lin neuf , et on l'enterrera avec le Sceau de Vénus, puis finalement, on déterrera et on le préservera pour une utilisation ultérieure"..

From JWMT N.13 Vol 2 - Teresa Burns & Vincent Bridges - The Little Book of Black Venus – Part Two Olympic Spirits, the Cult of the Dark Goddess, and the Seal of Ameth.

Figure  1 – Seal of  Anael

Note how the central image on t he right seal resembles very strongly a ritual cup and blade,  or chalice and spear, connected by the ancient symbol for conjunction or union. This point s directly toward a goddess based and pagan influenced tradition for the sigils, and the ritual Venusian direction. Note also the use of the ancient astrological sign for Venus, which is also the Egyptian anhk , a symbol for life it self

Figure 2 –  Black Venus Planetary Seals with Symbol highlighted.

In the other planetary seals, as we might rightfully infer them to be, we also see the same use of t he anhk or Venus symbol in four of the six. But we have very few obvious clues with which to make any sort of planetary attribution. The first seal,Mogrip, does suggest , with a wave like motion, the sea or the tides, and therefore the Moon. The next one, Amabosar, has something that resembles the horns of Aries, so we might suppose this one to be Mars. But there the overt clues fall apart , and the student is once again left to his devices.

However, there are clues. The clever student need have looked no further than the Arbatel of Magick ’s Olympic spirit s. Here we find three obvious and direct connections, in the seal of the Sun, Mercury and t he Moon. The rest are close, and with the use of the basic structure, we can arrive at an attribution.


From this, we can discern a very close connection between the Olympic spirit s of the Arbatel and the Anael/Venusian spirits of the Black Venus .We might even wonder which came f irst , if we considered the date on the manuscript as much of a blind as the flawed Solomonic magick. This might have been enough of the right question fir a student to be taken into the inner circle and of fered a lesson or two . 

These Olympic Spirits and their Black Venus versions are directly related t o the planetary sigils of the seal of Truth, indicating how important Dee felt them to be. So just how did these planetary spirits became such an important part of Dee’s magickal background ?  By looking closely at Dee’s activities during the period before the Monad , we can come to so me reasonable conclusions ab ut why Dee was so interested in the Olympic spirits and so me earlier version of the Horn of Venus of which we have no record. And perhaps, how it gave him the insight required to conceive the Monad , and to discover the concept of higher mathematical dimensions.

- How to make the Seals of the Spirits:

- Comment faire les Sceaux de Esprits:

- Quomodo hæc Sigilla Spirituum sint facienda.

.."One takes green Wax, to which one mixes soot, makes from this round pieces and, with steel instruments, cuts into them the Seal of that Spirit one wishes to invoke. Let the Seal be consecrated with smoke in the same way as the other aforementioned in the time, by the day and in the hour of Venus, but do not bury them; rather, preserve them for the work"..

.."On prendra de la cire verte, à laquelle on ajoutera de la suie,  et on en fera des pièces circulaire, taillées avec les instruments en acier, on gravera sur les pièces les figures des démons que l'on souhaite invoquer. Les Sceaux devront être consacrés avec l'encens au moment approprié, au jour et à l'heure de Vénus, mais on ne les enterrera pas: on les préservera pour le travail"..

> Below, The sixth green wax Demon Seals.

> Ci-dessous, Les 6 Sceaux de Cire des 6 démons.

- John Dee - Tuba Veneris or The Trumpet of Venus (English Version)
- John Dee - Tuba Veneris or The Trumpet of Venus Latin Version
- Teresa Burns - The Little Book of Black Venus and the Three Fold Transformation of Hermetic Astrology