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The Magic Circle (Libellus Veneri Nigro Sacer)

- Quomodo Circulus faciendus:

"One takes thus some parchment or virgin paper, and cuts from this a latitude for three circles , the first [circle] sex feet in diameter, the remaining circle two or three fingers in from the first.

Soon thereafter the divine Names should be written in color during the prescribed times and hour of as you can see in the figure of the following circle. As soon as the circle is produced, one may consecrate it with smoke, but do not bury it: keep it for us". 

Circle from Warburg Ms. FBH 510.

From Trident Book reprint.

> From Phil Legard:

The circle too is typical of the bulk of grimoire literature, containing three bands with the following words derived from Judeo-Christian formulae:



(e.g. "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews", or I.N.R.I)


The circle is divided into four quarters, its fourfold nature reflected in the use of the names of the four angels of the cardinal points and the four evangelists. Interestingly the order of the names do not correspond to the orders given in Agrippa or in other sources with which I am familiar. For example, proceeding clockwise from the north, De Bry's Magical Calendar gives the orders.

Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael for the angels and Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for the evangelists. It seems as though the names attributed to the south and west have been exchanged for some reason.

Many of the ingredients used by the author can be traced back to the work of Agrippa, or further to Liber Juratus. The fumigation contains elements all found in book I, chapter xxvii of Occult Philosophy, whilethe dove, a feather of which is used to write Liber Spirituum, is associated with Venus in Agrippa's table of correspondences for the number seven.

Mogarip Seal

Copper Seal of Venus


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- Phil Legard
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- Warburg Ms. FBH 510