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The Magic Candles

From Sloane 3847. The Clavicle of Solomon, revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian:

[Chap. 12.] Of Candles and there Composition.19

In the first day and howre that was shewed unto you that is [MERCURY], take a threed of a silke worme made of a mayde, let wickes be made, and upon them let candles of wax be made, of a new hyve that neuer made wax [55v] before, and that is called virgine wax, & fiant grosse vt brachium of half a pound, and when they be made of a new hyve that neuer made wax before, let the signes be written ouer them .

with such a needle as followeth, then let him say ouer the candles these Psalmes,

Benedic anima mea [Ps103], Laudate dominum omnes gentes [Ps116], Te deum laudamus[found in Latin mass], & this oration,

Domine Jesu Christe da mihi peccatori fensa et intellectum et intelligam te timere, credere,amare, et laudare, orare, gratias agere, per fidem rectam et bonam voluntatem concede mihifidem rectam charitatem perfectam, dona mihi humilitatem et sapientiam et veram emendationem, bona preseuerantiam et fidem perfectam concede mihi domine, antequam morear et antequam mors prueniat et antequam tantari me recipiant et antequam flamma comburet, deus meus ne derelinquas me deus salutaris meus,

Then say,

In nomina patris et filii et spiritus sancti Amen. exorsiso te creatura cere per illum qui solo verbo cuncta creavit quae tu in continenti expellas omnem fantasiam et omnem fallaciam et in te sit virtus altissime et luminare possis nobis coram itaque omnis timor et pauor fugiat a nobis. That donne sprincle it with water aforesayd and fumigate it with fumigations above [56r] written, and tynd it saying, Exorsiso te creatura ignis in nomine patris et filii et Spiritus Sancti Amen, et per primum nomen domini On a* secundum verbum quod dicitur fiat lux secundum nomen videsias in nomine sancte et indiuidue trinitatis hac teriensis Ritimisis, Ryon, Adonay, Saluagla, Salua mare manete quod tu incontinenti accipias vim et virtutem a creatore omnium creaturarum ut luminare possis corda sp[iritus] o[mnes] ut hic coram nobis appareant sine fallacia et in veritate et non cum falsitate humiles et mansueti et sis benedictus, in nomine patris et filii et S. Sancti, Amen.

Then take a lanthorne whereupon write these wordes with pen and Inke, in a compasse with capitall letters,

TETRAGRAMMATON, Sabaoth, Adonay, + Ecel, fares, recel, Ladomas,

And let the candles end be put in it, & when he should reade any thinge or consecrate or make or make [sic] a circle one of ye fellowes must hold the candles end followinge the Mr sayinge and doeinge all solemnities as is sayed.

From THE KEY OF SOLOMON, BOOK II / edited by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers:


It hath been ever the custom among all nations to use fire and light in sacred things. For this reason the master of the art should also employ them in sacred rites, and besides those for reading the conjurations by, and for the incense, in all operations lights are necessary in the circle. For this reason he should make candles of virgin wax in the day and hour of Mercury; the wicks should have been made by a young girl; and the candles should be made when the moon is in her increase, of the weight of half a pound each, and on them thou shalt engrave these characters with the iron pen (stylus) of the art.(1*)

*1. So Ad. 10862 and Aub24: "sculpas cum stilo artis." similarly the Italian manuscript Mich. 276: "con stillo dell'arte scolpirai". The French manuscripts read "avec le Stilet de l'Art." Aub24 adds "et si deficit stylus cum gladio aut acu" (and if you don't have an iron pen, with the knife (gladius) or needle.) Mathers reads "the dagger, or the burin of art." - Joseph H Peterson.

from Ad. 10862, fol. 133v

From Mastering Witchcraft - Paul Huson

After this thou shalt repeat over the candles, these Psalms:(2*)

[Ps150=KJV150] Laudate Dominum in sanctis eius (Praise the Lord in his sanctuary)[Ps102=KJV103] Benedic anima mea Domino (Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me)
[Ps116=KJV117] Laudate Dominum omnes gentes (Praise the Lord, all nations)

and shalt say:

O Lord God, who governest all things by thine almighty power, give unto me, a poor sinner, understanding and knowledge to do only that which is agreeable unto thee; grant unto me to fear, adore, love, praise, and give thanks unto thee with true and sincere faith and perfect charity. Grant, O Lord, before I die, and descend into the realms beneath, and before the fiery flame shall devour me, that thy grace may not leave me, O Lord
of my soul. Amen.(3*)

After this thou shalt add:

I exorcise thee, O creature of wax, by him who alone hath created all things by his Word, and by the virtue of him who is pure truth, that thou cast out from thee every phantasm, perversion, and deceit of the enemy, and may the virtue and power of God enter into thee, so that thou mayest give us light, and chase far from us all fear or terror.

After this thou shalt sprinkle them with the water of the art, and incense them with the usual perfumes.(4*)

And when thou shalt wish to kindle them thou shalt say:

I exorcise thee, O creature of fire, in the name of the sovereign and eternal Lord, by his ineffable name, which is YOD, HE, VAU, HE; by the name IAH; and by the name of power EL;(5*) that thou mayest enlighten the heart of all the spirits which we shall call unto this circle, so that they may appear before us without fraud and deceit through him who hath created all things.
Then thou shalt take a square lantern, with panes of crystal glass, and thou shalt fit therein the candle lighted, to read by, to form the circle, or any other purpose for which thou shalt require it.

*2. Ad. 10862, Aub24, M276, Sl3091, K288, and L1202 all agree on this list. Mathers reads "Psalms cli.; ciii.; cvii". Mathers' "cli" seems to be a simple mistake. What is generally referred to as Psalm 151 is apocryphal and different from the one shown above. It has a long and controversial history, but not really relevant to the Clavicula. Sl. 3847 gives "Benedic anima mea [Ps103], Laudate dominum omnes gentes [Ps116], Te deum laudamus [found in Latin mass]," Ad. 36674 gives "[Dan3.57] Benedicite omnia opera, [Ps. 102] Benedic anima mea Dominum [sc. Domino], [Ps116] laudate Dominum omnes gentes , Te Deum laudamus." - Joseph H Peterson.

*3. Ad. 10862 omits this paragraph. - Joseph H Peterson.

*4. Aub24 adds "Over the charcoals say, 'O you charcoals, which hold the fire, bless, sanctify, and purify this, through the power of this most sacred sign [pentagram] and this blessed water.' - Joseph H Peterson.

*5. Ad. 10862 omits "by his ineffable name, ... and by the name of power EL."
- Joseph H Peterson.


- S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers
- Sloane 3847
- Paul Huson - Mastering Witchcraft