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Coffee, Feather & Grimoires..

Post in English & French / Post en Anglais et en Français

I really had pleasure to be able to read English language and this is the reason I've decided to do this blog in English; I regret the lack of French Practitioners and Authors on the subject, (Since the death of Papus and Ambelain, few serious French Authors / Practitioners have emerged in France..) As in USA and England Country, books about Wiccan path proliferates here in France.. But there is no serious Author / Book about Ceremonial Magick.. (What's a pity..).

Fortunately, I can study and deal with great Authors such as: Aaron Leitch, Asterion, Carroll Poke Runyon, Christopher Warnock, D.Rankine, Don Karr, Ioannis Marathakis, Jake Stratton Kent, J.H. Peterson, Phil Legard, Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips, Michael Cecchetelli, Rufus Opus, S.Skinner, Teresa Burns, William Wynn Westcott.. 

All these people are talented writers and most heavily involved in magical practice. Their respective works inspire me everyday. I would strongly recommend to all practitioners novice, reading their books.

I am happy to understand a bit english language, and I do not regret for having been glued to my Apple II computer since 1984, because all the games were in English; especially ULTIMA IV (for those who have experienced); Could this be the best way to learn English, maybe ? This has led me to the study of ancient grimoires and manuscripts, to write esoteric books.. In order to reach the largest number of practitioners, my next posts will be partially written in French.

My French Translation of the «Libellus Veneri Nigro Sacer*» will soon be released !

I'd like to greets all the people that have helped me throughout writing of this book translation: Phil Legard, James Banner, Trident Books, and you readers.

Mogarip Evocation will be performed on June, all results will be posted after the ritual.. I will maybe try to evoke the five other demons given in the 'Libellus..', according to the results with the first Mogarip evocation.. Time will tell.. I've also plan to work with planetary spirits this summer. This gonna be good time to practice a Phul Evocation from Ms Arsenal French Manuscript..

My second book («Le Grand Livre des Pantacles*») is finished, so it will be the forthcoming book releases in adobe pdf format, available for FREE download. Apocryphal Rosicrucians Manuscrit, who belonged to Manly Palmer Hall; largely inspired by the Great Key of Solomon ..

I started working on my third book: «Heptaméron, ou les Elements Magiques*»...

Ma Traduction Française du «Libellus Veneri Nigro Sacer*» sera bientôt publiée !!

J'aimerais saluer toutes les personnes qui m'ont aidé tout au long de l'écriture de cette traduction du livre: Phil Legard, James Banner, Trident Livres, et vous amis et lecteurs. 

L'évocation de Mogarip sera effectuée en Juin, tous les résultats seront postés après le rituel .. Je vais peut-être essayer d'évoquer les cinq autres démons donnés dans le «Libellus ..», selon les résultats de la première évocation de Mogarip .. Le temps nous dira .. J'ai également l'intention de travailler avec les esprits planétaires cet été. Cela va être un bon moment pour pratiquer une évocation de Phul selon un Manuscrit de la bibliothèque de l'Arsenal..

Mon deuxième livre («Le Grand Livre des pentacles*») est terminé, de sorte qu'il sera le prochain livre à paraître au format adobe pdf, en libre téléchargement.. Il sagit d'un Manuscrit apocryphe Rose-Croix ayant appartenu à Manly Palmer Hall; largement inspiré de la Grande Clef de Salomon..

- J'ai commencé à travailler sur mon prochain livre: «Heptaméron, ou les Elements Magiques*»..

(NB: This posts is subject to be updated)


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