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Rite of Lilith - לילית

Confessionis, Lamentations, and the Rite of Lilith are included in the Apocrypha of Lilith.

Erotic cults such as the Vāma-Kālī sect of Tantra, the Carpocratians, Black Madonna, Catholic cults devoted to the Magdalene and Virgin, worshippers of Lilith uncover the most carnal dimensions of ritualized sex. Mankind condemns Lilith by trying to define Her. She is damned and worshipped in print and song. The Legend of Lilith evolves from diverse religious and cultural memes. We first encounter the Lilith mythos in the Alphabet of Ben Sira, the Zohar, and in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Lilith is a primal effigy in ancient religion, and experiences evolutions from archaic goddess to colourless ghost and desert terror.

In the philosophy of the Hebrew Qabalah, Lilith corresponds to the daemon of Malchut in the Qlifot {the World of Shells, or husks). Pertaining to Qabalah every world is a husk of the world above and below. The Qlifot are shells of the dead worlds, and by conquering the fear of the Mystery of Death, the Initiate attains to the Vision of the Wrathful Maiden. Lilith is the arcane archetype of sexual dominance and the fear of Death, the archetypal primacy of Lilith annihilates litanies of inhibitions in the human psyche. Etymological origins of Lilith independent of Jehovian-Semitic templates point to the Sumero-Babylonian Lilû, which translates to ‘a demon equivalent to a male vampire.’ Derived from Sumerian, Lila refers to ‘wind,’ or ‘storm.’ Opting for an Akkadian translation, I suggest Lalu, also Lulu as ‘lecherous,’ and ‘wandering.’

From the Akkadian Lilitû and her Sumero-Babylonian compliments, Ardat-Lili, Idlu-Lili, and Lamaştû, derives the Semitic LYLYT {Lilith}. The Lilitû primarily feasted upon women and children, referred to by the terrified inhabitants of Ur and Babylon as night-ghosts that roamed the deserts away from populace. Pictographs from 800 B.C. to 500 B.C. Babylonia depict “Lilith” in the company of snakes and other abominable animals, keeping with themes of her malevolence in Babylonian pottery, Persian and Jewish amulets and in the Qumran scrolls. The night-ghosts here evolved into the Jehovian mythopoeia seeping into the Christian paradigms of diabolatry. Isaiah 34; xiv in the Vulgate refers to “he-goats,” “hairy monsters,” again carried over from Judaic paradigm. The Vulgate reads; “Et occurrent daemonia onocentauris, et pilosus clamabit alter ad alterum; ibi cubauit lamia, et inuenit sibi requiem.” Isaiah 34; xiv-xv refers to Lilith as the ‘Screech Owl.’ The Serpent in the form of Lilith initiated Mankind, the true Beast with seduction and dark eroticism by providing the forbidden fruit of death to Eve, her female concubine. In her secret initiations with Eve, appearing to Her as a Serpent, Lilith took up the cloak of the primal seductress. Through Eve, Lilith taught Mankind forbidden paths of the Black and Red Serpent ~ of Lust and Love.

The Rite of Lilith is a Tantric and magical ceremony of Chthonic working, as the true archetype of Lilith is sex and death. Lilith is embodied by metaphysical and mystical origins of diverse ancient cultures. Adored and feared by mortals as the Sumerian Lilitu {also the Hand of Inanna}, Babylonian Lamashtû {Daughter of Anu}, Akkadian Ardat-lili, the Hellenistic Hecate, or the Hindu Kali, it is black Lilith whom enshrouds over our eyes the Veil of Death. She is the personification of the Scarlet Woman. Those who transcend psychosexual modes of deviance, and overcome religious memes will breed new paradigms, and a new race, a new psychology, a new code of genetics completely unknown to contemporary Man. Her womb produces only those whose veins retain Her Imperial blood…and hidden words. Man trembles at the thought of the Scarlet Woman as sexual rival. A true initiated Brother sees the Scarlet Woman with Heaven’s eye of blood.

Lilith, in all her mythic emulations, and cultural prototypes, is not here to ‘prune’ the sexual mania of Man. She is here to harvest it! In the seeds of sperm and ovum, the psychosexual and cultural lineage of Lilith retains Imperial Blood. The curse of Ophelia will be known to all Mankind. The Rite of Lilith presents to the reader a device to prospect unexplored, uncharted psychological and religious memes of the Goddess dominant. Lilith’s Rite is a chthonic reenactment of Sumerian and Akkadian mythos, designed to embed in the psyche memes equal to patrilineal religious pantheons, with the sacred feminine as Initiator and Fiat of Mankind’s “salvation.”

The Apocryphal Gospel of Phillip states, “If anyone becomes a child of the Bridal Chamber, he will receive the light. If anyone does not receive it while he is in these places, he will not be able to receive it in the other place. He who will receive the light cannot be seen, nor can he be held. And none can torment him while he dwells in the world. And furthermore, when he goes out of the world, already he has received the truth in images. The word has become the æon, for the æon has become for him the fullness. It is thus; it is revealed only to him. It is not hidden in the darkness and the night, but it is hidden in a perfect day and a holy light.”

{Gospel of Phillip 127}. The psychosexual prototypes and cultural memes of Lilith represent the Chapel Perilous {of the Grail Legend}, the darkness of the womb from whence Man physically and metaphysically emerges. Lilith is the “perfect day and holy light” hidden within the Nightside of Eden, the “darkness and the night” of the bridal chamber. To enter the holy bridal chamber, one must first pass through the nightside brothels of Lilith and Her kin.

Lilith’s Rite functions as an ingress of psychosexual archetypes imbued within Mankind’s consciousness and genetics since the dawn of religion. Religion is latent within the human genetic code. As the initiate progresses through the monologues of the Rite of Lilith, interpolation of archetypes of Lilith emulated throughout the history of ancient cultures {such as Sumerian, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian} occurs within the initiate’s consciousness. The ritualist primes the psyche for an atavistic resurgence of psychosexual prototypes. In essence the Rite of Lilith functions as an atavistic indwelling of Lilith. Equally, the lunar archetype worshipped by the ancients is a gnosis explored by initiating into the dreaming nightside of Lilith/Lilitu. The Rite represents the embrace of instinct, uniting will with causal affect.

The ritualist seeks Lilith through the wilderness and desert isolation, in the caves of primeval darkness and the burial tombs of those dead but dreaming, her forbidden fruits and hidden words are invoked into the ritual garden. The Elder Gods which have traversed the earth since time immemorial, even heed the wisdom of Lilith, for She retains the unbroken darkness of the Abyss and therein its secrets and infinite possibilities. Her reputation has taken on the epitome of the “dark side” of the sacred feminine. The usual precedent when a new religion supplants pagan animism or polytheism, is to invert the previous religion’s deities into antinomian “demons” as that side of their psyche becomes obscured.

While Lilitu has its etymological origins in ancient languages of the Arab world, the name Laylá comes from the word layl meaning “night.” Recall that Lilitu is associated with a night-ghost who roamed desolate places such as the desert. Night represents the Unmanifest. In the Arabian deserts, the night is a reality without boundaries: forms are dissolved, no sand dunes or camels or anything else visible, all is formless, nothing but darkness. This is direct symbolism of the unmanifested aspect of the Divine Nature, God as Unmanifest. Blackness absorbs all light, thus Lilith represents the unmanifest nature of reality, the unmanifest psyche hidden in the blackest depths of Man’s mind.

There are echoes that bear throughout the World’s shadows tales of times remote; tales, who carry the remnants of books long turned to dust, tales, which whisper cryptically of Eve and the Serpent. There are, born in each generation, Men and Women whom awake to memories and ordained knowledge told to them in nightmares. The echoes of Lilith’s hidden words and Her tales are gathered once more before the eyes of lost souls who speak the language of insanity and carnal Lust. Lost ‘mid Truth and Lie, there is a Secret that has no telling: we foreswear all oaths all sacraments to other Gods and Goddesses in Lilith’s name. Her Path is written in blood, blood fresh fallen from her womb, fallen to the opened hearts of mad crones and wrathful maidens, abused women, and downtrodden Brothers of the Holy Grail and the Red Serpent who look beyond both themselves and the Stars in heaven. With Lilith, that which is seen is not that which should be sought. 


Black robe (Cloak or garment)
22 Black candles (symbolic of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot)
Red wine
Athame or instrument to draw blood
Musk, Sulphur, Storax & or Abramelin incense
Abramelin Oil

*other devices to exalt the Spirit and stimulate the workings of the rite are left to the creative ecstasy and Will of the Magician*

I Time

Lilith’s Rite must only be performed on the eve’ of the New Moon, or on Samhain {Halloween} night. Never at any other time. The Rite lasts three full days and nights.

II Preliminaries

Purification and consecration: Fast sunrise to sunset seven days and nights prior to Rite. Abstain from any and all sexual activity one full lunar cycle {about 29-30 days} prior to Rite, this is of the utmost importance to the Rite. Keep silent and do not speak one full day and night prior to Rite. Bath ritually at sunset and fast completely one full day prior to Rite.

III Formulate the Cross:

Touch the brow and vibrate ardat lili

Touch the breast and vibrate îdlu-lili

Touch the left shoulder and vibrate lamashtu

Touch the right shoulder and vibrate lillu

Touch the genital and vibrate lilitu

Place the palms of the hands together upon thy chest, and in benediction vibrate ki-sikil-li-la-ke

Trace the Hebrew name of Lilith

Face the direction of Luna, With the wand trace the Hebrew letters of Her name:


Vibrate lilit malkah ha' shadim

Recite: Confessionis ex Lilitu

IV Canticle of Lilith:

Face the direction of Luna.
Recite the Canticle of Lilith in benediction and exaltation:
Genuflect towards direction of Luna. Touch in succession, reciting loudly:

Genitals ~ Ayin Nun Her Water of Tears, for the tears are the separation from the Light after the Fall.

heart ~ Ayin Layl Her Waters of Creation the Firmament away from the Light the creation of the Shells of the Qlippoth.

left eye ~ Ayin Sof Nun Her Waters of the Ocean from this the Serpent issues forth.

Circumambulate once against direction of Kronos {counterclockwise} and give Sign of Silence upon returning full circle to West quarter. Place palms upon chest, close eyes, recite loudly:

veharetz hayta tohu vavohu vekhoshekh al-pnei tehom veruach elohim merakhefet al-pnei hamayyim

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of the Hosts moved upon the face of the waters.

Malchut Her False Sea the husks of Light reflecting the Four Great Rivers of Nod, the seven Infernal Habitations, the seven fallen earths.

In the Void I wandered, fallen. I, LYLYT, strayed into the shells, into Malchut, in the Valley of Gêhinnôm before the Garden of Nod. Exiled from the gardens of Yahweh, banished unto the shells of the dead Worlds. The nectar of blood hung sweet upon my lips in the æons before the Garden of She'ol. So abysmal, barren, and deserted were these gardens that the sun, stars, and moon did not lend to me their luster. Beasts Owl, Cat, Snake hid away. My Voice strayed into Man's First Memory, my Voice strayed into Man's First Night, my Voice strayed into the living Abyss.I, LYLYT, clutched a barren womb, yet a garden birthed within me, growing but rotted.The first Garden of Hope raised within my Womb, ripe with seeds of rotted fruit from the Tree of Life and their lingering burn. My birth pains made the breech of the Abyss, my blood made the shores of the Endless Sea. It burned me into ashes. And from ashes came rebirth. Unto the shores of the Endless Sea I strayed, I crossed into the howling depths and I sank forever. I, LYLYT, vomited the Brood of Jehovah into She’ol, and burned the husks of his shaped worlds. My tortured cries became the howls of the crashing seas and the silence of barren deserts. My womb filled with the spawn of Yahweh whose hands birthed the shells of the hanging Gardens of Nod. I, LYLYT, arose from the endless sea in rebirth, and wandered in return to the æthyrs. From my hands I birthed a Garden forth. My Lovers, the Twin Serpents covered My new Garden. Poison-fruits, Lilies-of-the-Valley, Black Henbane, Opium poppy, Haşhaş, withered lotuses, verbena, nightshade, weeping willows, and poisonous vines were harvested with the alef-beth of my words. Shaping worlds and words and beasts with my blood into a bramble. I, LYLYT, birthed Nod the Nightside of Eden beneath a crescent moon of bloodrite, but the seeds of the Tree of Life would not grow. And I lamented. My rage rose like Sun in barren desert, I cursed foul Yahweh and sent the Four Angels of Prostitution to taint Eden. And Nod the Nightside of Eden was burned away in the thorns and waters of my wrath and Lament. Ashe became life. I wandered in return to the breech of Gêhinnôm. And I strayed unto Eden, the accursed Garden of Yahweh. I, LYLYT, espied the Morning Star, Lucifer, standing watch upon the threshold. Lightbearer with Seraphim’s Wings, O son of Morning. Great One of the Night of Time, Bearer of the Lie! Alas! Stars fell from the sky and the nexus roared with the cries of universes crashing into Lust! Stars were strewn asunder in the skies in diablerie of infernal Love. In time the fruits of my loins rose like mountains in the womb of the world. And the Lion-Headed-Serpent begets sons of gods, blessed be they seeds of my rotted womb! Three sons as suns were they, Kessep and Shotheq and Nesher Three daughters as moons were they, Mem and Oreb and Na'amah! Blessed be my Kindred, brood of my horned-Womb! For Na'amah the Twilight Garden of Eden was birthed, and peopled with fallen angels and they mated with beasts and daughters of Man. And Yahweh’s Eden became as a pale shadow of Na'amah, and a new Tree of Life did harvest. Until the return of Yahweh and his Nefilim. Like the jackal, the Nefilim of malediction and desolation fell upon the brood of Na'amah. Like the vulture, burners became eaters of the flesh. Like the spider, prophets carried away the seeds of Na'amah. And in the Blood of foul Yahweh, Na'amah was raped and burned in ashes. Alas, Na'amah! Tremble O Ye forsaken prophets of Yahweh! Tremble O Solomon! Tremble O Nefilim! Tremble O Ye fallow Elohim! When Pharisees and priests forsake the Nefilim and cry out to a new and wicked Prophet, I shall come unto ye my Chariot of War, girt before the son of Morning once again with my plagues of Wrath, my cries be the tempest of Lust in men. I, LYLYT, bid the obscuration of Ish, Man laments over the banished fruit of Ish’a rotted, nigh a false Yahweh, false She’ol. Verily the words and apocrypha of Lilith cleave to woe.

I, LIL-UTI, seizeth the Light. Shun me Not, as I shunned יהוה
I, murderous and menstruous LYLYT, bear the rotted seed of הוהי.
Daughters of Eve and Sons of Seth are not the Lovers. Eve is the Lie and a host who claims me as Lover shall come to dwell in the False Sea.

She shall perish between the Gates tzelmoth and shaari’moth. Curse of Gomorrah upon those who claim my blood! The husks are broken the Lilim free the Water of Tears rise. Weep O ye prophets of Nefilim! Ye skins shall be as the food of wyrms! A plague smite’st ye, blood be as tepid as water, ye cities burn with fires of pestilence, armies of another prophet shall stir across the seas of east. Yea, I, LYLYT, slay Yahweh with the coming of the Rising Tides, yea, a Third Garden of apocalypses shall birth!

Come draw near to She’ol, Abaddon, Titahion, Bar Shasketh, Tzelmoth, Shaari’Moth, Gêhinnôm!

V Invocation of Lilith:

Drink of the Chalice filled with Red Wine and consecrate the body according to ones will with the nectar of the gods, and with the Oil of Abramelin. Face the direction of Luna. Genuflect. At this point in the Rite one should immerse their thoughts into those of sexuality. One may commence auto-erotic working or sexual activity with partner.

Face west quarter. Cover genitals with left hand. Recite as many times as ye will:

Come descend, thou daemon-Queen of Malkuth thou Queen of Hells
thou Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the earth thou Maid of Desolation!
I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend thou Bride of Samael thou Maid of Tempest and Lust!
Come descend thou Screech Owl, thou Howling Cat, thou Tortuous Serpent!
I call for Death I will for Death
Come descend thou Mare of Night thou Owl of Darkness!
Come descend thou Woman of Night thou Woman of Whoredom!
I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend thou End of all Days thou End of all Flesh!
Come descend thou Queen of Gehenna thou Queen of Zemargad!
I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend ABEKO I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend AMIZU I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend BATNA I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend BITUAH I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend BATH ZUGE I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend BABALON I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend GILU I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend IZORPO I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend KALI I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend LAMIA I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend PARTASAH I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend SATRINAH I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend LAMASHTU I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend ARDAT- LILIT I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend LA-KAL-IL-LI-KA I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend KI-SIKIL-LIL-LA-KE I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend KI-SIKIL-UD-DA-KAR-RA I call for Death I will for Death!
Come descend LILITU I call for Death I will for Death!
Thou Maiden who seized the Light!
Thou Maiden who seized the Light!

VI Climax of the Rite:

The invocation of Lilith complete, bleed the left hand, arm or region of the body and anoint thyself with blood and/or sexual fluids, chanting the mantra: artri Lilitû The climax of the Rite is unconditionally interdependent upon the nature of the Magician: followed by an act of sexual intercourse, the employment of sexual stimulants, the sacramental uttering of a mystical word, oath or devotion; or other working of a Tantric nature. The psychosexual prototype of Lilith is the epithet and personification of dominance, identity, & power. Do not conduct banishing, purification rites. Exit.


Rite of Lilith by Joshua J. Seraphim {Frater Annuit Coeptis} copyright © A.D. 1999 All rights reserved.