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A Goetic Experiment of Bret

Being a partial transcription of Sloane MS 3824..

An Experiment of Bret, A Carrier to fetch Goods from the Sea.

When the Moon Is in the Sign Pisces, and well Aspected, and if possible on the Monday or the Thursday, repair to the place appointed for action, Lay down the Circle in Order, the Copy whereof followeth, and the Characters, the Copy of which also followeth adjacent to the Copy of the Circle, fairly written in an Abortive; before the Circle on the Outside, to the East, Invocate as followeth:

I Exorcise & Conjure & Command thee spirit Brett In the name of the father & of the Son & of the Holy Ghost, that thou Do appear Visibly Unto me in fair & human form & similitude of man, & I powerfully Urge & Constrain thee, by & in the mighty Great & Glorious name of God Tetragrammaton Jehovah, that thou Do for me as for the Servant of the Highest, in the fulfilling of all Such matters & things whatsoever (according to your Orders) as I shall Desire and Request of you, And I further and again Exorcise and Conjure the spirit Brett, by & in the names who are powerful & High of our omnipotent & Gracious Lord God: Adonay, Sabaoth, Agla, El, Saday, Elohim, Alpha & Omega, & by & in the name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, Messias, Sother, Emanuel, of wonderful power & Efficacy, at the pronouncing whereof all things ought at their peril, to be Submissive, humble & obedient, by the Virtue whereof I bind Charge and constrain thee Spirit Brett, to appear Affably, meekly and visibly here before me, in a fair, handsome & human Shape, peaceably, & not frightfUl nor hurtful to me, or any other person whatsoever; wherefore now prepare ye, make haste & come away, in the name of him who shall come to judge the Quick and the Dead & the world by fire.

Rehearse this Exorcism Several times, and when he is appeared then bind him with the bond of spirits, and ask him what Questions you please, & he will Certainly answer you, & also if you Command him any Service according to his Orders and office, he will assuredly answer you and obey you, & perform all things In Bringing what he is Enjoined, And when your Desires are fulfilled, then Licence him to Depart, But Detain him not above an hour or two.

As for General and Constraining Exorcisms, which are to be used upon occasion in their proper places, and for the Bonds and Licences of Departure of spirits, they are written Elsewhere hereafter, with Directions to use them.     

These are the Characters that ought to be placed before the Front on the outside of the Circle, which is where the name Brett, And the Character thereto adjoining standeth; the which part must be placed towards the East point of the Compass,about a foot Distant without, place the above written Characters fairly Inscribed, Either In Virgin parchment or an Abortive.


Ms Sloane 3824
ISBN-lO: 1-905297-27-0 / ISBN-13: 978-1-905297-27-6