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The Seals of Kokab (Mercury)

Kokab is the emanation of the spiritual power of Hod in Asiyah, and therefore the spirits of Kokab are under the dominion of Elohim Tzavaot, the archangel Michael and the angelic order of Beni Elohim.

The dagger has a special association with Kokab, along with the Holy Book and magical books of power, talismans and mystical symbols – when taken up for the “speaking of the word,” the wand may also have a correspondence with Kokab.

Kokab corresponds with the ordinary mind, reason, logic, analysis, the intellect, and thus the formation of concepts, thought and thinking, and it corresponds with learning and education, study and contemplation, concentration (kavvanah), science and philosophy (lesser forms of philosophy), ideologies, communication – writing and speech, or in any form, technology, knowledge of magic and sorcery, rituals of magic, talismans and fetishes, and such, also aspects of healing, and knowledge of psychic self-defense.

The Hebrew letter Bet, which means “house,” corresponds with Kokab, which implies deep knowledge of the matrix of creation, the “House of God,” the formation of structures, architecture, metaphysical and physical, and the generation of sacred spaces, sacred circles, sanctuaries and temples.

The shadow of Kokab is known and understood through knowledge of the angelic order associated with it, the Beni Elohim – it is the choir with which Satan, the Adversary, enters into the heavenly presence of Ha-Shem according to the Book of Job, and likewise it is the order from which some of the most powerful demons arise, the “Fallen,” along with those archonic angels and demons that generate the Nephilim, the titans or giants.

Regarding the Fallen we may recall their swift power to take full possession of any life-form, virtually any living creature, and the great difficulty with which they are driven out of the earth, banished and bound to their proper realms – and so we may recall the teaching of the masters of the tradition, the great mekubalim, “It is wise not to attract the attention of the Fallen or to catch their gaze.”

This may give some insight into the intentions for which the wonderworker might invoke spirits of Kokab

*Pronounced Kokav, a soft Bet.

First Seal of Kokab

The names of two angels are written on this seal, Yekahel and Agiel, and they hold great knowledge of the magical arts among the maggidim or angels, as well as the arts of sorcery among the shedim or demons, along with knowledge of magic powers among the greater and lesser archons – hence, they hold intimate knowledge of the play of spiritual forces, and their dominions and powers.

The spirits that come with these angels hold the knowledge and power of spirits who dwell under the Lower Firmament, the Deep and the “Depth of Evil,” along with great knowledge of elemental spirits and nature spirits, and among them are those who know mysteries of Leviathan, the Great Dragon, and who hold knowledge of the Great Guardians of the Abyss.

There are also spirits among them that accomplish all spiritual works of Kokab.

This seal is often invoked for deeper knowledge and understanding of the magical or wonderworking arts, as well as for sight into hidden dominions.

Of Agiel we may say the he-she holds a special power of evocation, or visible manifestations, and of Yekahel we may say that he-she holds a special power of invocation, deep insight into Names of God and spirit names.

Christian Mekubalim usually include the letters of the Blessed Name of Yeshua in the points of the sacred pentagram, and in the center they usually write Messiah in Hebrew, vertically – this is called the “completion of the seal.”

Exodus 33:12-23 is often recited in the invocation of this seal, seeking knowledge of the esoteric ways of Ha-Shem; Psalm 84 also holds the power of this seal and is used in its invocation.

There is also a fierce or wrathful side to the angels of this seal when invoked in guardianship against the power of archons, false gods, and demons – the power of guardianship in this seal is within Psalm 58.

Second Seal of Kokab

The spirits of this seal, whose names appear on it, are most curious and they hold great magical powers – other than their association with Kokab they are difficult to classify, but may rightly be called very “strange and alien,” although they are familiar, old friends, having served the covenant and Continuum of Light Transmission since its conception upon the earth.

These are spirits that play within the mysteries of Bohu and Tohu, the Void and Chaos, who work grand wonders that appear contrary to nature, or wonders that are not easily imagined and named – they also hold knowledge of the twenty-two oath-bound wrathful guardians, and the seventy-two lesser wrathful guardians, and they know mysteries of the great angel of the bottomless Pit.

They have a talent of revealing secrets and things hidden, and can grant blessings of their psychic powers, and if asked they swiftly give answers according to their knowledge.

Boel, Yibaba and Kau are their names, Boel being a lord among them, and they have been called “Riders of the Dragon” and “knowers of primeval spirits.”

Psalm 103 is a prayer in invocation of this seal; also Psalm 97 holds something of the power of this seal.

*This is among the seals that it is unwise for a novice in the art to invoke as greater knowledge and skill is necessary to move with these forces – they can easily be overwhelming.

Third Seal of Kokab

The mystical symbols of Kokab appear on this seal, along with the names of four angels, Kokaviel, Gheoriah, Savaniah and Hokmahiel. It is invoked for all manner of spiritual works associated with Kokab.

Kokaviel, as the name implies, holds all knowledge and power of Kokab, and specifically, great knowledge of science and magic, as well as alchemy.

Gheoriah is known as the “traveler of the firmaments and heavens,” and holds great knowledge of deep mysteries from his-her journeys, as well as being a good guide to those who wish to sojourn in the spirit to gain knowledge and understanding of hidden realms.

Savaniah is called the “wanderer in the wilderness,” and holds great knowledge of in-betweens and secret paths, as well as knowledge of the places of desolation, their spirits and powers, how to cross through them and how to call upon the spirits and powers for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.

Hokmahiel is a great angel of the Lord, who like Ratziel is called a “Lord of the Wisdom of God,” and who is also called an “Attendant of the Supernal Shekinah in the Secret Garden.” This holy angel is radiant with glory and power, and holds knowledge of the most lofty magical arts – specifically those arts dealing with initiation, spiritual transmissions and empowerments, and he-she is among the great angels having knowledge of the teachings of Melchizedek, being among the maggidim who are guardians and ministers of that Holy Order.

Psalm 51 is often a prayer in invocation of this seal, but also the Book of Proverbs is a grand invocation when greater knowledge, understanding and wisdom are sought.

This can be a good seal for a novice to invoke, becoming acquainted with the spirits in the Continuum.

Fourth Seal of Kokab

This is a seal of great power – its angels and spirits hold deep knowledge and understanding of the great matrix of creation, Ma’aseh Bereshit, and, as such, they hold great magical powers; these spirits may be of great help in Contemplative Kabbalah, Mystical Kabbalah and Magical Kabbalah.

They have a special talent of drawing all manner of helpful angels and luminous spirits to accomplish all manner of spiritual works, and invoking this seal, very often, even wishes that are not spoken are granted – because of this it has been called a seal of “good luck” (Mazzal Tov).

These are angels and spirits that know the angels and spirits within and behind all things, and so they are helpful in the discernment of spirit guides and guardian angels, as well as the discernment of the angel and spirit within and behind anything, and how to invoke them and communicate with them.

This seal is fashioned in the morning hours, in the time of mercy, and it is invoked in the evening, in the time of compassion.

Two sayings are written on this seal, which serve as swift invocations: “Yahweh, fix You the Volatile, and let there be a restriction of the Void,” and, “Wisdom and virtue are in His House, and the Knowledge of all things remains with Him forever.”

Psalm 119 holds the power of this seal, and in the invocation of this seal the angels of the holy letters are also invoked, the angels of the primordial law and the word of the Lord.

This is among the seals also invoked for divination and prophecy, and when invoked for this cause, recitations from among the prophets become prayers of invocation.

Fifth Seal of Kokab

This is a seal of opening the way, opening doors, gates and portals, and removing all obstructions that stand in the way – the angels and spirits of this seal hold knowledge and understanding of the guardians of all passageways, their names, words of power, mystic signs and gestures, and how to invoke their favor to allow passage through their domains.

These spirits also hold knowledge of the sealing of gates and binding, and as much as knowledge of gates without, they also have knowledge of secret gates within.

These are angels and spirits that hold great knowledge and power of the mysteries of the Hekalot in the Palace of Light, as well as in the peaceful, blissful and wrathful emanations of the Great Palace.

They are also helpful in works of guiding the spirits of the dead through afterlife states and are swift to offer their assistance when invoked.

The Name El Ab, “God the Father,” and Yahweh appear in this seal, along with Psalm 24:7, Psalm 24 holding the power of this seal.

The Names of God that appear allude to the deep understanding these spirits have of the Light Continuum, and their passionate devotion to God, the True Light.

This seal is often invoked by way of the Grand Convocation of Forces, the full manifestation of the Palace of Lights.

*Through invocations of Michael, if God wills it, a sixth and seventh seal of Kokab may be revealed to the initiate completing the set.

This concludes the essential teachings concerning the seals of Kokab in the Art of Solomon.


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