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The Seals of Levanah (Moon)

Levanah is the emanation of Yesod in Asiyah, and as such the angels and spirits of Levanah are under the Dominion of Shaddai, El Shaddai and Shaddai El Hai, the archangel Gabriel and the angelic order of Kerubim.

The cup and crystal sphere have a strong resonance with Levanah, as well as the magical mirror.

Levanah corresponds with the wisdom of emptiness, change, transitions, ebbs and flows, the development of the personality, knowledge of cycles of power and seasons (times), the form giving and form sustaining principle, the Mother, fertility and the process of conception, gestation and birth (mysteries of the womb), the receptive quality of organisms – their magnetism, the astral dimension and astral earth, dreams and visions, imagination, enchantments and illusions, as well as awareness and knowledge of afterlife states, and also introspection, self-awareness, and emotions.

Gimel, which means “camel,” is the Hebrew letter corresponding with Levanah, and it alludes to knowledge of the journeys of the soul through many lives and the karmic continuum of souls.

The shadow of Levanah is very powerful – great spirits of deception and delusion move with it, and they can be the cause of madness; so also the Force of the Great Dragon is associated with Levanah, which when not joined to Yahweh is a power of great evil and destruction.

In this, perhaps, are hints about reason for which angels and spirits of Levanah might be invoked by wonderworkers.
First Seal of Levanah
This seal holds very similar powers as the fifth seal of Kokab, opening doors, gates and portals, and the angels and spirits associated with it also bear knowledge of the mysteries of the Hekalot – specifically, though, these angels and spirits hold the knowledge and power of opening portals in the astral dimension and astral earth for the invocation, banishing and movement of spiritual forces in the astral, facilitating a conscious participation in the play of spiritual forces within and behind what transpires in the world. As such, this is a seal of great power, and may be invoked for all manner of wonderworking – and it is especially effective in removing obstructions to the movement of spiritual forces in adverse or inauspicious conditions, these angels and spirits having knowledge of transformations that can shift the play of the law, allowing spiritual works that otherwise would not be possible due to karmic conditions.

In this seal, if understood, are the secrets of the creation and consecration of the Portal of Calling, and it is said that the four angels whose names are on this seal, along with the Angel of Enoch, taught the way of the Portal to the ancient seers, along with other magical arts that deal with the mastery of space and time, these angels being the immediate guardians of the Portal when the holy temple is at rest and the Portal is sealed.

This seal can also be called upon to create a Great Portal in a sacred circle within a place of power in the wilderness, which will remain until the ceremony in the continuum is complete – one that does not rely upon the same physical device.

These angels are also noted as great helpers for the transference of consciousness at the time of death, as well as great helpers for the transference of consciousness going to sleep through which lucid dreams arise – and so they hold much knowledge about the generation of astral bodies, as well as the greater body of light through which souls may experience the upper heavens and rise up in ascension while remaining in this world.

The spirits that come with these angels also have great knowledge of enchantments, as well as magical arts of shape-shifting, both astral and physical.

If the great wrathful guardians are invoked with this seal, then just as it may open the gates of the Hekalot, it may also open the gates of the Abyss, and those gates that are within the dimensional matrix of the Great Abyss – those places that are the haunt of sorcerers and false prophets seeking greater power. This power in the first seal of Levanah distinguishes it from the power that is in the fifth seal of Kokab – hence the power of the “dark side of the moon.”

According to masters of the tradition, this first seal of Levanah and the first seal of Shemesh, are keys to the powers of all of the seals – this hints to sacred ceremonies of greater power in which multiple seals are invoked. As an example, there is a sacred ceremony taught in the tradition that is called “Opening the Book of Seven Seals,” and seven seals of Solomon are invoked in the rite that are said to have a correspondence with the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, the first seals of Levanah and Shemesh being among them – it is a rite for greater prophecy and
wonderworking, seeking to bring about radical shifts in the matrix of spiritual forces, all according to the Ratzon Elyon, the will of the Supreme.

The names of the angels of this seal are Shioel, Oaol, Yashiel Vahiel.

Shioel is among the 144 angels of the Shekinah that go before her, rejoicing before the presence of Yahweh, and having knowledge of the ways she sojourns to enter into the embrace of her Beloved.

Oaol is among the angels having intimate knowledge of the aspects of Zer Anpin and workings of the world of angels, and as Shioel knows the way of passage of the gates of Malkut, so Oaol knows the passage of the gates of the Six (Vau).

Then there is Vahiel, who knows the passage of the gates of Imma, as Yashiel who knows the passage of the gates of Abba – these are they who know great mysteries of the world of neshamot and archangels, and the World of the Sefirot, respectively.

If you look and see, and understand, you will see the right ordering of the names of the angels and their attributes, parallel the Great Name of Yahweh, the order given in the Greater Key of Solomon being a veil to the eyes of the profane and the deceivers.

The Names of Yahweh, YaVaHa, El, and YaHaHa appear in this seal, and so in invocation of this seal, the permutations of Yod-He-Vau, intoned as IAO, are sounded to the six directions, holding the kavvanot of the corresponding Sefirot, then Yahweh is intoned (according to the tones of the four Olamot), then Ah-La (for El) is intoned with the intention of the influx of Supernal Grace, Holy Light from above, and finally Ya-Ho-Hu, with the intention of grounding, anchoring, that influx of Supernal Light.

Psalm 107:16 is also written on this seal, and that is the psalm holding the power of this seal.

The Gospel of St. Matthew 3:3, and 3:11-12, also hold something of the power of this seal, as does the Gospel of St. John 14:1-4; those who know and understand these passages will know the greater invocations of the seal.

*The full power of this seal comes to those who know how to unify the Great Name and how to unify their soul with the full array of the Sefirot – they are those who know and understand the true meaning of “He and His Name are One,” the mystery of the Supernal Merkavah.

Second Seal of Levanah

This seal corresponds with the shefa of Yesod manifest as El Shaddai, on the Side of Mercy, and so the Name El and the name of the great angel Abariel appear on this seal, Abariel being an archangel from the order of the Kerubim who bears all blessings and powers associated with Levenah. Abariel is a very glorious and beautiful angel of God who has a most ethereal appearance, as though formed of the light of the moon, but far more brilliant than moon light, with glory like that of the Peacock Angel, surrounded by rainbow glory – as such he-she is most enchanting to gaze upon.

Among the special talents of Abariel is the guidance and guardianship of souls in travels through Rakiya, the Firmament, which is the second heaven formed by the astral universe, as well as guidance and guardianship of souls in travels through other dimensions within the astral. Likewise, Abariel takes up spiritual works and offers assistance to wonderworkers who labor for the blessing and salvation of souls through the astral, and he-she is known for the helping in the generation of lucid dreams in which adepts are able to visit the dreams of others to extend blessings, and to teach and empower souls.

When Abariel and Gabriel are invoked together, and a continuum for seeking vision is kept as in the way of the navim, the seers, visions in dreams may arise and the spirit of prophecy may come upon the wonderworker.

In much the same way as Gabriel, Abariel has a very fierce wrathful emanation and can assume a form that strikes great terror in archons and demons, and therefore Abariel is often invoked for works of guardianship or protection on the astral, and at times is invoked for exorcisms to be performed at a distance – in case of an exorcism at a distance, a consecrated seal is often sent to the person in need. This wrathful aspect of guardianship is reflected by the verse written on the seal, Psalm 56:11, which is a prayer when Abariel is invoked for guardianship; but the power of all luminous works of this seal are within Psalm 46.

*This is among the seals that it can be good for the novice in the art to create and invoke as they seek acquaintanceship with the angels and spirits in the Continuum, for Abariel is noted for introductions, as well as help in certain spiritual empowerments.

(This angel’s name is pronounced Avariel, like Gavriel, with a soft Bet.)

Third Seal of Levanah

The powers of this seal correspond with the shefa of Yesod manifest as Shaddai, on the Side of Judgment, and the two angels that are named upon it, Aub and Vevafel are fierce guardians who come with hosts of sixty angels each, swiftly purifying the astral dimension of a space, driving out unclean and evil spirits from the astral earth

These angels also help to banish spirits that invoke night terrors and nightmares, as well as dark and hostile spirits who taunt through twisted dark visions and voices during prayers and meditation.

They also have special knowledge of spiritual works corresponding with the new moon, specifically spiritual works dispelling the power of those who engage in works of destruction and evil, and spiritual works protecting from fierce hungry ghosts.

Psalm 40:13 is written on this seal, and it is the psalm holding the power of this seal.

Fourth Seal of Levanah

The angels and spirits of this seal are among those that bear intriguing combinations of powers. On one hand they may manifest as fierce wrathful guardians, with special power against the ravens of dispersion and dog-faced demons, and against those who call upon such things with evil intentions, and yet, they are also the givers of great knowledge and wisdom, including deep insight into the call of the prophet and mystical attainment.

Yahel and Sofiel are the angels named upon this seal.

Yahel bears the knowledge of mystical wisdom, the play of cleaving and unification of the soul with the Sefirot, and the invocation of the company of the Shekinah, as well as mysteries of the call of prophets and their ordination by the Most High – the giving of mystical and magical power to the prophets.

Sofiel bears the knowledge of the power of sacred herbs and stones, and animal spirits, and the magical arts of creating talismans and fetishes – “good medicine” for the body and soul, and likewise he-she reveals powers of elemental spirits and nature spirits, and places of power for great works in Earth Mother.

Together these two angels hold great knowledge and wisdom of the union of heaven and earth in the Human One, and they have deep understanding of the great visions of the “Heaven-Earth Place,” which are visions that initiate new streams of Light Transmission in the world, or new grades of Light Transmission, akin, for example, to the burning bush in the experience of the prophet Moshenu.

Eheieh Asher Eheieh is the Holy Name of God upon this seal, and indicates the unification for the invocation of the seal, and the saying, “Let them be confounded who persecute me, and let me not be confounded; let them fear, and not I,” also appears on this seal.

The power of this seal, as alluded to in this saying, is in Psalm 41, but when invoked for knowledge and wisdom Psalm 19 becomes the prayer of invocation.

*This is another seal very good for the novice in the art to invoke.

Fifth Seal of Levanah

The angels of this seal, like those of the fourth seal, also have a curious combination of powers. On one hand they are among those angels of wrath that are called “lords of the wrathful palace,” and bear incredible powers of judgment and destruction, holding great knowledge and understanding of the mysteries and powers of Abaddon and Leviathan; on the other hand, the hold much knowledge of the afterlife, liberation of souls from places of bondage therein, and summoning the spirits of the dead for the sake of mercy upon them and blessing them.

Along with this they hold the knowledge of all archons and their powers and dominions, and their angels and spirits, and how to ascend beyond the dominion of the demiurge into the upper aeons – so too they hold great knowledge of the revolutions of the aeons above and below, and advents of aeons and the spiritual forces moving in them.

Their names are Yakadiel and Azrael – the latter being a principle emanation of the Angel of Death.

Here we may remind of the knowledge of the mysteries of Azrael among masters of the art who acquire special power in the transference of consciousness and the ability to send souls from among the living on a journey into afterlife realms and then call their souls back into their bodies to tell the tale of their journey.

The Divine Name of Yahweh Elohim is on this seal, and Psalm 68:1 appears on it, and this psalm holds the power of the seal; so also, Psalm 30 holds something of the power of this seal.

At times the 72 Name of Gevurot are intoned with the invocation of this seal for the sake of the shattering of the dominion of the klippot and the liberation of sparks.

*The invocation of this seal requires knowledge and understanding of the Works of Azrael and deep recognition of the Wisdom of Ain.

Sixth Seal of Levanah

It is said that this seal invokes rain, and that is true, but also it invokes control of weather and the command of the winds – but more profoundly, the true knowledge and power of the angels and spirits of this seal is drawing down the shefa of the Sefirot through the four Olamot so that it is manifest in the astral earth, a flow of great blessings and mercy, and great wonderworking.

These angels and spirits help to bring about all manner of wonders, and so this is called the “Seal of Wonders,” hence its unusual placement in the Greater Key of Solomon apart from the other seals.

Genesis 7:11-12 holds the power of this seal, and it is joined with Psalm 29 in invocation.

When the full power of this seal is to be invoked, unifying their soul with the Sefirot from Eheieh to Adonai, the mekubal will intone the 144 Names of God.

*Through the invocation of Gabriel, if it is God’s will, a seventh seal of Levanah may be revealed to the initiate.

This completes the essential teachings on the seals of Levanah in the Art of Solomon.


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