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The Seals of Nogah (Venus)

Nogah is the emanation of Netzach in Asiyah, and therefore the spirits of Nogah correspond to the dominion of Yahweh Elohim, Haniel and the angelic order of the Elim (or elohim).

The wand has a special association with Nogah, along with the robes of the art, and the creative and visual arts associated with wonderworking.

Nogah corresponds with love, romance and sharing, passion, inspiration and creativity, all forms of art, beauty in form, grace in motion, mysticism, prophecy and mystical insight and illumination, the power of opening the way, the herald of enlightenment, the Light-bearer in truth, the light-bearer in falsehood, knowledge of the Divine and Sacred Feminine, generation, dynamism of the attraction and union of opposites, right dominion, victory, and honor and glory in the world.

Nogah corresponds to the Hebrew letter Dalet, which means “door,” and, as such, there is knowledge of earth gates and stars gates associated with spirits of Nogah, or knowledge of portals of power and transitions between dimensions, realms, worlds and universes. According to the Melchizedek teachings Nogah is the transmitter of the Light of Sirius, the star-system from which the Light Transmission passes into our star-system, and it is the Bright Morning Star arising at the enlightenment of the Great Masters – as such, among the angels and spirits of Nogah are those who hold the knowledge of contacting the elder races who serve as Light-bearers and hold intimate knowledge of the Continuum of Light Transmission in this world and beyond.

There is also a great shadow with Nogah, klippah nogah, the “light of false prophecy and false divinations,” and the play of the “father of lies,” the chief of the spirits of deception, and therefore in works of Nogah self-purification is essential, along with spiritual discernment, true discerning awareness in Christ.

In this we have some hint is reasons for the invocation of the spirits of Nogah.

First Seal of Nogah

The angels and spirits of this seal bring the knowledge, power and many blessings of Nogah, specifically as they related to worldly matters and the manifestation of desires corresponding with Nogah in the world. Yet, these angels and spirits also convey mystical knowledge, knowledge of passionate faith and cleaving, and how to acquire deep spiritual insight, and they know those among the Elim (or elohim) that are rightly called “enlightened gods and goddesses,” as well as discernment of false gods, or the many archonic angels and demons that put themselves off as “gods” to the unenlightened.

The angels whose names are written on this seal are also very fierce and wrathful guardians, driving out deceiving spirits of klippah nogah and diminishing the power of false prophets, as well as diminishing the power of those who serve false gods and idols.

Nogahiel, Aheliah, Socodiah and Nangariel are the names of the angels of this seal.
Psalm 8 bears the power of this seal, but when invoked to dispel the enchantments and power of false prophets, Psalm 5 becomes the prayer of invocation.

*This seal is especially potent when fashioned at predawn and consecrated and invoked with the rising sun.

Second Seal of Nogah

These angels and spirits are very lofty and luminous, and they are among those who labor with tzaddikim for the transmission of the Holy Light of the Messiah, having knowledge of the movements of radiant winds and powers in the body of light, along with the play of the creation and emanation of angels and spirits from the body of light during blessings and empowerments.

The spirits of this seal are zealous for Ha-Shem and the Messiah, and they are attracted by passionate devotion and worship, or to any place Yahweh and the Shekinah are joined, and the Shekinah is made manifest in the community of the faithful and elect who cleave to Adonai – and therefore they inspire passionate worship of God, the True Light.

Among them are also angels and spirits who are messengers of the enlightened gods and goddesses who received the Gospel from the Risen Messiah in his heavenly ministry and who labor for the salvation of souls in heaven and on earth – hence, the messengers of divine beings who labor in the Continuum of Light Transmission.

There are also angels and spirits among them that come with Ruach Ha-Kodesh in movements of true prophecy, and there are guardians of the true messengers and prophets of Ha-Shem among them, shattering the dominion of false prophets of archons and deceiving spirits.

Along with this these spirits hold great power for the inspiration of luminous and uplifting art, and inspiration towards righteousness in love and socialization – all manner of right relations.

On this seal is the Song of Solomon 8:6, and the Song of Solomon is the grand invocation of the power of this seal when recited with esoteric kavvanot and full devekut.

When invoked to shatter the dominion of false prophecy, Psalm 139 becomes the prayer of invocation; and when for inspiration in true and passionate worship, Psalm 148 becomes the invocation.

Third Seal of Nogah

This is a seal invoked in the practice of the mysteries of the arayot, the play of sexual mysticism in the Kabbalah through which Yahweh and the Shekinah are drawn into the most intimate embrace, and souls of lofty grades are drawn into incarnation.

There is a continuum of purification, along with prayer and meditation seeking to discern in Ruach Ha-Kodesh the soul to be drawn in – it is akin to a vision quest, the man and woman becoming holy before Ha-Shem and seeking a vision of the soul of the holy one to be born. In this continuum prayer and meditation with the Mother and Child by the woman is key, and prayer and meditation with the Risen Messiah by the man is key, that, or prayer and meditation with Our Lord and Our Lady in the mystery of the Bridal Chamber.

Then, when the time comes and all is ordained, the angel and powers of this seal are invoked, and a sacred ceremony is performed in the mysteries of Mystical Union, the man cleaving to Yahweh and the woman to the Holy Shekinah, with minds and hearts filled with righteous love, joined to the Holy Sefirot corresponding to the soul to be drawn in, all as ordained by Elyon, the Supreme, and revealed by Ruach Ha-Kodesh. When this is done, abiding in full devekut, the love-play creates the stirring below that invokes the stirring and issuance from above, and the luminous soul ordained is attracted at conception, the new life being initiated through Divine Grace.

Accordingly, a continuum will be kept of Holy Shabbat, and of prayer and meditation, and worship with praise and thanksgiving, throughout the gestation of the child, and when born the child is raised and educated according to the guidance of the Holy spirit in the assembly of the faithful and elect.
In the play of seeking to conceive in the blessedness of Ha-Shem, so there will be reaching and not-reaching, until there is reaching, and when there is reaching the continuum of the reception of the soul is attended.

*The seal, with crystal sphere upon it, is placed on the altar or in the shrine of invocation and conception.

There is something to be said of the angel of this seal, Monahiel, for he-she holds knowledge of drawing in souls from among the elder races, and likewise, knowledge of souls that are rightly called maggidim, walking in the company of great angels, or carrying sparks of great angels – hence, the drawing in of souls that are “other worldly” by nature, such as we see with Yohanan the Baptist, who is called the “Maggid of the Gospel.” It is with this in mind that this seal is often invoked of works of the arayot.

The three other angels, whose names are on the seal, hold similar knowledge, but for the attraction of different kinds of lofty souls, Ahides, Egalmiel and Degaliel.

Ahides has knowledge of drawing in souls bearing great capacity for the understanding of science and philosophy, and Egalmiel has knowledge of drawing in souls bearing great capacity for the understanding of creativity and art.

Degaliel, though, holds knowledge of the exchange of sparks between creations in various dimensions and universes, and if invoked along with the great oath-bound wrathful guardian corresponding to the power of Nogah in the Abyss, there may be the generation of what has been called a “magical child” bearing great knowledge and understanding of the “Leaves of the Fig Tree” from dimensions and universes beyond.

Genesis 1:28 is written on this seal, and Psalm 144 holds the power of this seal – but prayers of the heart inspired by the Holy Spirit are the full invocation when invoked in the mysteries of the arayot.
*In some cases the power of the 144 Names of God are called upon when invoking a soul of a higher grade into incarnation.

Yahweh, Adonai and Ruach are also written on this seal – this alludes to the cleaving of the man and woman, and the Holy Spirit that moves in between them in the righteousness of love.
Corresponding with the power of this seal it is also invoked for contact and communion with souls of higher grades, the spirits of tzaddikim, and it is taken up in the invocation of ivurim, the impregnation of souls with sparks from souls of higher grades.

Fourth Seal of Nogah

This is a most curious seal, for on one hand it is invoked to bring back souls that are led astray, severing themselves from the Mystical Body, and it is invoked for the creation and guardianship of positive spiritual and heart-connections through which Light Transmission becomes possible; on the other hand, this seal is also invoked for the opening of gates and portals to other dimensions, and to other realms, worlds and universes, and drawing the influences of spiritual forces through them into the astral earth – contact with elder races, or various extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional entities.
By its nature it is a seal of great power.

Names of spirits of Nogah appear on the seal, and Genesis 2:23-24 is written upon it, and when invoked for restoring a soul to the Way, or for the generation is right connection, Genesis 4:6-7 is an invocation, along with prayers inspired by the Holy Spirit.

When invoked for the opening or gates and portals, and the invocation of spiritual forces through them, Psalm 24 becomes a prayer in invocation of this seal.

Fifth Seal of Nogah

This is a seal that banishes incursions of forces from the Other Side within the astral earth and diminishes the power of the deceiving spirits of klippah nogah, and the special talent of the spirits of this seal is knowledge of the pacification and enrichment of dark spirits and spirits of chaos so that they serve the Continuum of Light Transmission with love and great zeal.

These spirits also hold the knowledge and power of enchantments that excite desire and lust, as well as knowledge of how such enchantments are dispelled.

In a similar way they also have knowledge of enchantments cast upon idols and impure fetishes and how to dispel them, freeing the spirits bound to them and liberating the people deceived by them.

The Divine Names of Elohim and El Gevil (or El Givor) are written on this seal, along with two other Secret Names in mystical figures of the “Passing of the River,” and verse 14 from Psalm 22 is written in this seal – that psalm being a prayer in the invocation of the seal.

*There are two seals of Nogah that are not present in the Greater Key of Solomon – but seals may be revealed through angels and the Holy Spirit to complete the set of seven.

This concludes the essential teachings on the seals of Nogah in the Art of Solomon.


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