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The Seals of Shabbatai (Saturn)

The seals of Shabbatai correspond with spirits of Binah in Asiyah, and therefore the spirits of these seals are subject to the Name of Elohim, or Yahweh Elohim, the archangel Tzafkiel, and the angelic order of the Aralim.

The staff and pentacle are the key magical weapons associated with Shabbatai.

Shabbatai corresponds with administration or oversight, restriction that brings into manifestation, materialization, the play of time in spiritual and material dimensions, the knowledge, understanding and wisdom gleaned through the passage of time, the play of karma and knowledge of the law, the focus of desire, the drive to build up or create and to tear down or to destroy, the generation of obstructions and the removal of obstructions, trials and tests, and refinement, the play of giving and receiving according to merit, cosmic memory, the insight into the end-of-days, and the self-discipline that leads to liberation and power of liberation, deliverance.

In Hebrew there is no letter corresponding with earth, therefore, the letter Tau, which corresponds with the power of Shabbatai, is also used to represent the earth. This alludes to the radical power of Shabbatai for manifestation or materialization – the materialization of desire under the law.

This reflects the knowledge and power of the angels and spirits of Shabbatai and gives insight into the spiritual works for which they are invoked.

Among the celestial spheres, or Sefirot of Asiyah, the klippah or shadow of Shabbatai is especially strong, for Shabbatai is the celestial abode that corresponds with the power of the demiurge, the chief archon, and corresponds with the “heavenly dominion” of the great adversary, Satan. Thus, in works with the spirits of Shabbatai, self-purification and the consecration of the movement to Elyon, the Most High, is very important.

The First Seal of Shabbatai

The first seal of Shabbatai invokes spirits that have knowledge of the presence and power of the Holy One in Asiyah, the play of hidden forces in Asiyah and the secret play of Ruach Ha-Kodesh within and behind the spiritual forces of Asiyah, or within and behind the dominion of the klippot, archonic and demonic forces. They also hold knowledge of the measure of the will of the Holy One, and discernment of movements in accord with the will of the Holy One and movements in opposition, and the play of fates and fortunes according to the law, all as can be seen under the dominion of klippah nogah.

This seal may be used to acquire this knowledge and power, but also it is a seal that may be used for the subjugation and destruction of spirits, or works of banishing or exorcism, and likewise it is used to remove obstructions causing ill fortune, as well as to create obstructions to the actions of evildoers.

These spirits may also be invoked for fierce guardianship of the sacred and of the continuum, or of the sacred circle or assembly of the elect, and likewise, with this seal the power of a sorcerer may be diminished and the power of the “evil eye” may be negated.

If you look within this seal you will find four Holy Names of God, Yahweh, Adonai, Yiai and Eheieh. Yiai is a Name having the same number as El, the power of El, and holds the place of El in four letters, and it alludes to the power of El Shaddai – thus, with these four names we understand the invocation of the power of the Middle Pillar, which is the power of the Messiah and Blessed Name.

That the power of the Middle Pillar is represented on the first of all the seals hints at a secret key for the invocation of the power of the seals – the unification of the soul of the wonderworker with the Sefirot of the Middle Pillar, reaching then to the corresponding Sefirah of the seal and calling upon the power of that Holy Sefirah in unification. This, of course, may be accomplished by cleaving to the Risen Messiah, union with the Shekinah of the Messiah, or by putting on the Blessed Name, or it may be accomplished as taught among the navim, the seers or prophets, cleaving to the Holy Sefirot of the Middle Pillar in ascent.

Psalm 72 is a prayer that corresponds with the creation, consecration and invocation of this seal, verse 9 being written upon the seal – cleaving to Melekh Messiah (“King Messiah”) and unifying your soul with Binah, this psalm itself is an invocation of justice and a shift in the play of fate and fortune, removing obstructions and establishing the cause of long-life and good fortune, a flow of great blessings.

This psalm is prayed as part of the ceremony of consecration of the seal and invocation of the spirits.

The same psalm is also used with the second seal of Shabbatai, and as you will see the power of the two seals is very similar.

The Second Seal of Shabbatai

The spirits of the second seal of Shabbatai bear the knowledge and power of the discernment of intentions and spirits, and how to recognize luminous and righteous spirits from those that serve the archons and their shadows, the demons. Likewise they bear knowledge of the play of the law, and secrets of how the law may be circumvented by way of the law, and as such they are especially useful in matters of legislation, mitigating judgment or seeking justice. They also hold great knowledge and power of manifestation – great magical power for the materialization of desire, although there is great peril from the “tail of the dragon” if and when their manifestation power is called upon for self-interest or selfish ambition, or in a state lacking merit, and in this regard these spirits have an incredible power of temptation and may put the initiate calling upon them to the test.

These spirits may also be invoked as fierce guardians against adversaries of the Continuum of Light Transmission, but because of the great strength of these spirits of Shabbatai, the great force and fury with which they act as guardians, they are invoked in this capacity only in extreme circumstances, against extreme persecution, for their way of guardianship is destruction.

In this you may know and understand that this seal may be invoked for the destruction of a dark spirit when pacification, enrichment or subjugation is not possible, and it may be used in circumstances of banishing dark and hostile spirits from a place, ones that require “prayer and fasting” to be driven out.

If you look within this seal you will find the well known mystic words of power in Hebrew, Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera and Rotas, which is a perfect form of double acrostic; it occurs in many books of the Magical Kabbalah from mediaeval times, including the Sacred Magic or Abramelin, which speaks the mysteries of the practice of the wrathful palace in the Magical Kabbalah, though in a very veiled form through a distinctly coded mystical language.

This magic square is composed of words of five letters each, for a total of twenty-five. This corresponds with Koh, a secret name of Malkut, the Shekinah, and to Chioa, The Beast, as well as to the Netivah between Tiferet and Yesod on the Middle Pillar and to HA-Ya-Ya, the seventy-first Name of the seventy-two Names of Gevurot – thus these mystic words hold corresponding powers. When the unity of these letters is included, the number twenty-six is derived, which is the number of the Great Name, Yahweh, and so it is said that these mystic words of power are names of spirits or angels holding the power of Ruach Ha-Yahweh in Asiyah, great magical power for manifestation.

When the soul of a mekubal is unified with the Holy Sefirot, understanding that “He and His Name are One,” and the image and likeness of Yahweh Elohim is in that holy one, and the full shefa of the Sefirot is brought down, and these mystic words of power are intoned, whatever is intended, envisioned and spoken will come to pass and manifest just as it is intended. If such a magical action is to be performed, however, the initiate is wise to seek a vision and discernment of Ratzon Elyon, the will of the Supreme, and to seek divine authority, divine permission, lest acting according to self-will, akin to the demiurge, there may be a price to pay for the movement of such power in the matrix that is not ordained by El Elyon. In such a case, the greater the force and shift in the matrix, the greater the price under the law.

As it turns out, verse 8 from Psalm 72 used on this seal also has twenty-five letters, just like the magical square on the seal, and if you add up the letters, along with their finals, they equal the number of Elohim, so the power of the Divine Name Yahweh Elohim is in this seal, and it holds the power for the movement of great force in the matrix of creation, or the power to drawn spiritual forces into alignment in a movement, bringing about radical shifts in the play of fate and fortune.

This alludes to further powers held by the spirits of this seal, the power of the fifty-gates of Binah in Asiyah, deep knowledge of the play of evolution in the astral, which guides evolution in the material world, authority by the Throne in Asiyah, knowledge and discernment of all systems of wonderworking and sorcery – the “leaves of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil,” as well as the power of upholding vows or oaths.

By their nature, the first and second seals of Shabbatai may be use in conjunction with other seals to subjugate and direct the spiritual forces invoked – and this may extend to spiritual works with other spirits, such as elemental spirits, fierce spirits, among others. They are powers “compelling” spirits, drawing them into the service of the mekubalim or tzaddikim.

The Third Seal of Shabbatai

The spirits of the third seal of Shabbatai are very lofty and luminous, and they are among the spirits of righteousness who have served the Continuum since the beginning of the revelation of the Divine on earth and the first appearance of the righteous ones (tzaddikim) among human kind – they are spirits and angels of the archons that serve Ha-Shem and choose to worship Ha-Shem, and as such there are four angels of the Lord with them, Omeliel, Anachiel, Aruachiah and Anazachia, their names being written on the seal.

These spirits carry a power of divination and prophecy, and sight into the hidden, under the law and within the sphere of fate, and they hold knowledge of secret passages ways between realms and worlds, as well as knowledge of gates between the world of spirits and world of angels; but more profoundly, they hold knowledge and power of movement within space and time, knowledge of the arts associated with the creation of the Portal of Calling and the manifestation of portals or openings in the fabric of space-time.

Having knowledge of movements through space and time, they have knowledge of certain powers in the spear of destiny.

If you look at this seal you will see the figure of the Mystic Wheel of Shabbatai surrounded by the names of the four angels. When created, consecrated and invoked in sacred circle, Omeliel appears in the north with Uriel, and bears prophecy concerning matters of the world, Anachiel appears in the east with Rafael, and bears illuminations concerning the world of angels, Aruachiah appears in the west with Gabriel, and bears insights into the world of souls, and Anazachia appears in the south with Michael, bearing revelations of the World of the Sefirot, the Name of the Holy One – with these angels, the spirits of the seal come with their knowledge and power.

If this seal is created and consecrated in a sacred circle, and the full powers of the Holy Sefirot are invoked, as in the Great Convocation, and the Shema is intoned, and the initiate bows down before the presence of Ha-Shem, assuming the “prophetic position,” then a spirit of prophecy will come upon the initiate, and the spirits and angels of the seal will come, and questions asked will be answered, whether by vision or voice, or in dreams following.

In a similar way, masters of the art have called upon the power of this seal to open portals and pass through them in body of light, and likewise they have called upon the power of this seal to walk through walls.

Psalm 93 corresponds with the power of this seal, and its spirits and angels, and in it are hints to other knowledge and powers held by these spirits and angels.

If invoked for guardianship, these spirits have the power to break a continuum of magical assault and to speak prophecy against an evildoer.

The Fourth Seal of Shabbatai

The spirits of this seal are very fierce, and theirs is the knowledge and power of works of ruin and destruction – they have an intimate association with Azrael, the angel of death. They are invoked as wrathful guardians in extreme circumstances, or against powerful sorcery, or to vanquish demons – but they are also invoked in the mysteries of Azrael during spiritual works to deliver souls of the dead from harsh bondage, for knowledge of the wisdom of mystical death and rebirth, and for knowledge of certain mysteries of Kali Imma and Kali Shemesh, specifically, the knowledge of the preaching of the gospel in Hades and hell realms.

These spirits have intimate knowledge of the dark arts and most potent forms of sorcery, and therefore knowledge of how to undermine and counteract such evil, and likewise they bear the power to summon the spirits of the dead, as well as a power of reanimation or necromancy through certain kinds of spirits.

Curiously enough, these spirits also bear a power of divination and prophecy, or the “bringing of news,” and while this seal is used in works of ruin or destruction in guardianship, it also may be used in works of divination – specifically divination concerning souls of the dead, and fates and fortunes in future lives. Through the knowledge acquired, an understanding may come of the spiritual assistance that might be rendered to spirits of the dead in their transition through the afterlife.

Even more intriguing, although so fierce or wrathful, and having such intimate knowledge of the ways of sorcerers and demons, these spirits also hold deep knowledge of Makom, the sixth heaven, as well as knowledge of how to draw near to Ha-Shem; hence, knowledge of holy sacrifices that mitigate judgments under the law and that invoke an issuance of mercy.

If you look at this seal you will see a mystical figure of transcendence – Yod in the center, surrounded by a circle, three rays and a triangle, with the Shema surrounding it: Shema Israel, Yahweh Elohenu, Yahweh Achad, “Hear O Israel, the Lord is your God, the Lord is One.”

This speaks to an awareness of transcendence within and behind the wrathful appearance of these spirits, and it also speaks to the need for self-purification in any invocation of these spirits – the need to ensure a righteous intention in accordance with the will of the Supreme.

This seal is often also used in another way, for a very different intention, one that might at first seem at odds with the nature of this seal. At times, this seal is created and consecrated in a sacred circle, and a crystal sphere is set upon it, and a ceremony for prophecy by crystal gazing is performed, invoking the spirits of the seal to stand as guardians of the sacred space, keeping out all influences of unclean and evil spirits. This accords with the intention of the seal, however, for this is done when a sorcerer may attempt to interfere, or under circumstances of magical assault, and a divination is necessary – by these means, not only are dark and hostile spirits kept at bay, but the working is, in effect, cloaked and will appear as something very different in the astral.

Psalm 109 corresponds with this seal, verse 18 of the psalm being written upon it, and it is a prayer spoken when invoking the spirits of this seal, along with the invocation of The Name and intonement of the Shema at the outset.

As you might surmise, this is not a seal to be invoked by a novice in the art – the spirits of this seal are fierce and very volatile, and in an impure state of self-grasping, attachment and aversion the power that moves with them can be very difficult to manage, and therefore very dangerous.

Generally, this is a seal only used by adepts skilled in the ways of the wrathful palace, for such is the nature of the oath-bound spirits of this seal.

The most common reason that this seal is invoked is for the sake of rendering spiritual assistance to souls of the dead who become bound up in very inauspicious conditions in the afterlife – hence, for the sake of the deliverance of souls from extreme bondage.

The Fifth Seal of Shabbatai

The fifth seal of Shabbatai corresponds with spirits of guardianship, defending the faithful and elect from fierce unclean and evil spirits, helping to dispel negative forces, inwardly and outwardly – they have a strong power of banishing. They are especially noted for their capacity to drive out fierce and dark spirits from places and from objects, as for example, if there were a hungry ghost or fierce spirit in a tree, these spirits have the ability to remove the displaced energy. Likewise, they have even been known to subjugate fierce and evil spirits in negative places of power in the land. They are also known to diminish the power of spirits that “guard treasures,” or spirits that are invoked for wards, or for the guardianship of objects of power used by sorcerers and false prophets.

There are four angels of wrath or judgment from the archonic realm associated with these spirits of Shabbatai, giving even greater power to the seal, Arehanah, Rakhaniel, Roelhaifar and Noafiel. Arehanah holds great power for the banishing of demonic spirits and binding them to their realms, driving them out of the astral earth. Rakhaniel holds great power for the pacification and enrichment of archonic and demonic spirits, bringing about their conversion so that they serve the kingdom of heaven with zeal. Roelhaifar holds great power for the subjugation of unclean and evil spirits, and Noafiel holds great power for the shattering and destruction of dark and hostile spirits who delight in pain and hatred.

The spirits associated with this seal are very powerful guardians, offering protection from dark spirits of the klippot, fierce and evil spirits of the archonic and demonic realms, but they also hold blessing power for the righteous who keep the covenant and tend the Flame of the Continuum, creating auspicious circumstances and giving boons as is needed in the Great Work, the play of the Continuum of Light Transmission.

This dual role is well reflected in the verse from Deuteronomy written on the seal, 10:17, and the verses that form a prayer of invocation in the consecration of the seal and the charge of the spirits, 10:12-22.

As this passage implies, these spirits have a strong sense of justice and are very swift to come to the aide of those who are persecuted and oppressed, or those who may be under psychic or magical assault. At the same time, also as the passage implies, they are swift to work wonders for the faithful, and those who follow in the way of their heart and soul.

Along with a key invocation associated with this seal, this passage from Deuteronomy is also an invocation of success and abundance – when a mekubal cleaves to the Messiah and Shekinah of the Messiah, and unifies their soul with the Holy Sefirot, and draws down the shefa of the Sefirot, and they intone the Shema in full, including the Commandment of Love, and this passage becomes their heart prayer, it becomes an invocation of abundant blessings and success in any action they consecrate to Ha-Shem. Great obstacles can be overcome in this way, all according to the will of El Elyon, the Supreme.

If you look within this seal you will see the Great Name surrounding a cross, and as such, the Blessed Name of Yeshua is implied, “Yahweh delivers.” Likewise you will find the Name of Eloah, implying Yeshua as our Lord and Savior. This hints at the swift reception of the gospel by these spirits and the passionate zeal with which they defend the Light of the Messiah.

The Sixth Seal of Shabbatai

The spirits associated with the seals of Shabbatai, like those of the seals of Madim (Mars), tend to be fierce or wrathful, coming from the Side of Gevurah, severity or judgment. Therefore many of the seals have what seems like a fierce or dark quality and deal with guardianship – they are, in a manner of speaking, “fighting fire with fire” in skillful means, and yet, as we know it can be dangerous to play with fire, knowledge and experience is needed.

This is especially true with the spirits associated with the sixth seal of Shabbatai, for they are the most severe and wrathful of the spirits of Shabbatai – by nature they are oath-bound wrathful guardians from hungry ghost and hell realms, the demonic realm.

This is well reflected by the dreadful power they hold – the power to bring a maelstrom of fierce and dark spirits upon a person, extreme ill fortune, or to cause a person to be obsessed by demonic spirits. In a similar fashion, they are also able manifest night terrors, and able to draw upon a person’s worst nightmare and deepest fears, manifesting them in dreamtime and life. Essentially, these spirits perceive the karmic continuum of souls and are able to cause the ripening of the most negative karmic seeds, acting under the law. Thus, they invoke the most severe judgment upon an evildoer.

Needless to say, this is a seal that is very rarely invoked in guardianship, as only the most extreme circumstances of evil intentions and actions could possibly warrant such a severe response in defense – such grave darkness or evil is rare in this world, although there are, indeed, thousands of shades of grey and many shadows.

There are, however, other reasons this seal is invoked, for the same power gives them the ability to look and see the cause of such things, so that in spiritual works with individuals who may be suffering from any of these conditions these spirits may reveal the cause and reveal how the suffering might be brought to an end – in this way they may assist the mekubal in a spiritual work of exorcism.

In fact, these spirits hold much knowledge concerning the inroads and links formed between souls and dark forces, and knowledge of how to shift the balance of the karmic continuum of souls to close the doors and sever the links, thus having knowledge for the deliverance of souls.

They also have much insight into the intention and desire of demons and what they are seeking, and may give insight into the means through which pacification, enrichment or subjugation might occur, as well as knowledge of spirits traps and what might lure dark spirits into them.

Thus, they hold much knowledge about the art of exorcism.

In this sense, this seal can serve a merciful intention.

Usually the knowledge we need to deliver a soul from an obsession or possession comes from Ruach Ha-Kodesh, the Holy Spirit, and we have no need for the council of angels or spirits in an exorcism, but rather we action with the Light-presence and Light-power in us, the Shekinah of the Messiah. At times, however, the karmic condition of a soul may require a more restricted form of light, or an energetic movement at a lower gradation, in which case angels and spirits may be of great assistance in driving out unclean and evil spirits, helping to manifest spiritual assistance in a way that it can be received. Therefore, in some cases, a different form of skillful means is required, and it is good, for when the help of archonic angels and spirits is enlisted they are drawn into the service of the Continuum of Light Transmission and they are uplifted and redeemed in this way.

Corresponding to the intention of this seal invoked in guardianship, the phrase, “Set a wicked one to be ruler over him, and let Satan stand at his right hand,” is written on this seal in Hebrew. Likewise, Psalm 69 is an invocation associated with this seal, an invocation of ill fortune upon adversaries or evildoers.

The Seventh Seal of Shabbatai

The spirits associated with the seventh seal of Shabbatai are very radiant and tend towards mercy and compassion – they are spirits or righteousness that commune with angels of God, the True Light, and that have a passionate desire to serve the kingdom of heaven. This is reflected by the names of nine orders of angels written on this seal in Hebrew and in a mystical script known as “The Passing of the Rivers,” the Hayyot Ha-Kodesh, Ofanim, Aralim, Hashmalim, Serafim, Malakim, Elim, Beni Elohim and Kerubim.

These spirits have intimate knowledge of the world of angels and mysteries of the interaction of Yetzirah and Asiyah, the world of angels and world of spirits, and the play of spiritual forces within and behind the material world and universe. As such they hold esoteric knowledge of the covenant and the Continuum of Light Transmission in the world, and they are called “preachers of the gospel” in the world of spirits. They also hold knowledge of the formation of entities and vessels or structures in the astral, the subtle dimension of the formation of things to be manifest in the material dimension, and they hold knowledge of the lesser merkavah, or the merkavah as manifest at the level of Asiyah and Yetzirah.

Along with these things, and corresponding with them, they are invoked to initiate continuums, to strengthen the Flame of the Continuum, to sojourn among the angels and luminous spirits, to bring blessings and good fortune, and to generate subtle bodies in spiritual works, such as the astral dimension of an altar, shrine or sanctuary.

They help bring light-power to any place into which they are invoked, and they manifest light-power at a grade that it is easily received by many.

This is a seal that brings about radical shifts in the matrix and the play of spiritual forces within and behind what transpires in the world; hence the suggestion that it invokes “earthquakes,” or causes the “heavens and earth to tremble.”

Psalm 17 is the prayer of invocation associated with this seal, as reflected by verse 7 written on the seal – if you study and contemplate this psalm further powers of these spirits will be revealed.

As you might recognize in prayer and contemplation of this psalm, it is an invocation of the spiritual power of Zer Anpin, the Little Face.

This concludes the essential teachings on the seals of Shabbatai in the Greater Key of Solomon. 


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