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The Seals of Shemesh (Sun)

Shemesh is the manifestation of Tiferet in Asiyah, and as such the spirits of Shemesh abide under the dominion of Yahweh, Yahweh Eloah Ve-Da’at, or Yeshua Messiah, the archangel Rafael and the angelic order of Malakim.

The dagger, holy lamp and crystal sphere have a special resonance with Shemesh, as well as sacred feathers and fans; especially eagle and vulture feathers. The staff may also have a correspondence with Shemesh, the journey on the path of the Spiritual Sun and power of the serpent uplifted. (The Double-Sided Seal of Solomon also corresponds with Shemesh as the "Lamen of the Art.")

Shemesh corresponds with light and life, animation of forms, the energy of all things, vitality, individuation, actualization and realization, illumination or enlightenment, self-offering, gifting, radiance, great fiery force, concealing glory, mediation, domination, initiation and empowerment, the sacred circle above, active compassion, alignment and harmony, liberating power, the revealed Word of God, greater prophecy, Gnostic and Light Transmission, the Light Continuum, the Supernal Light, or Light of the Messiah, above and below, uniqueness and diversity, and fullness.

Shemesh corresponds with the letter Resh, which means “face,” the face of the Human One of Light and the Face of Yahweh, and so Shemesh also has a deep association with knowledge, understanding and wisdom (Habad).

There is a very powerful shadow with Shemesh, though, for as the creator of false light and false glory, veiling the greater lights of the pleroma, the demiurge is often associated with Shemesh, and likewise, as taught in Revelation, the number of the Great Beast is 666, which is the number of the Spirit of the Sun in Kabbalah, the aspect of Shemesh on the Other Side, in dominion of the klippot.

This, perhaps, give some hints at why spirits of Shemesh might be invoked.

First Seal of Shemesh

The spirits and angels of the first seal of Shemesh are very radiant and powerful – they are spirits of righteousness that have served the Continuum of Light Transmission since its first appearance in the world, and as such the hold deep knowledge and understanding of the ways of Light Transmission, especially within Beriyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, and they know mysteries of the ministry of the Messiah in the heavens.

The symbolic image upon the seal is meant to represent the Archangel Metatron, who is known by many names and cognomens, the “Prince of the Face” perhaps being among the most well known. According to Midrashim, when Enoch walks with Ha-Shem and is taken up in Divine Rapture, ascending through the heavens to the Supernal Abode, he is translated into Metatron and set above all of the angels in creation, glorified as the first to pass up in the Great Ascension and to realize in full the mysteries of the Holy Merkavah and Holy Kabbalah. The angels and spirits of this seal are called “companions of the Holy Prince,” and hold knowledge and power of the ascent of souls and the merkavah below and above.

Metatron and his twin, or feminine counterpart, Sandalfon, also has an association the Kerubim on the Ark of Covenant, and therefore knowledge of mysteries concerning the Ark or Mercy Seat is associated with this seal; likewise, because Metatron and Sandalfon in union are Hua, the great angel of the Messiah, knowledge of Hua is associated with this seal.

To those who have learned to invoke the full power of this seal, knowledge and communion with supernal and primordial angels has been acquired – the angels or maggidim of pure emanation who stand with the tzaddikim in the Light Continuum within the Order of Melchizedek. Thus, there is knowledge and power of the good company of the Supernal Shekinah in this seal.

Hua presides over the revelation to the Seven Churches, and the great vision that unfolds with John the Beloved – and so it is that these angels and spirits of righteousness hold esoteric knowledge of the Apocalypse.

The Book of Apocalypse is, in fact, the grand invocation of this seal, as is the Book of Enoch spoken of by St. Jude.

The Divine Name of El Shaddai is written on this seal, which indicates its special power for the formation of the lower merkavah, the merkavah in the world of spirits and world of angels, and around the seal is written in Latin, “Behold His face and form by Whom all things were made, and Whom all creatures obey.” This alludes to the invocation of this seal by way of the Rite of Invoking the Bornless Spirit for the formation of the lower merkavah, and to the extent that there is mastery of riding the lower merkavah, an adept may reach the Habad of the upper merkavah through the grace of El Elyon, God Most High.

In that the Holy Tzaddik in the company of the Holy Shekinah is a living merkavah in the world, this seal also holds the power of beholding the luminous assembly that gathers around a true tzaddik and to witness the perpetual coming and going of the spirits of tzaddikim, navim and maggidim in their presence.

There are many ways to invoke this seal, and depending upon how it is invoked and the intention of the invocation, so the power of the seal will be manifest. There is an invocation through the Bornless Rite, and there is an invocation through the various names of Metatron in unification with Eheieh, Torahkiel Yahweh being key among these names, and there is the calling upon the power of the seal by the grand invocation, coupled with the intonement of the 144 Names of God.

There are other ways as well, but these three are most common – and we may say that this is an excellent seal for vision question, invoking visions of Zer Anpin.

This seal is also used in spiritual works of healing, understanding that some impairment in the soul’s relationship with God, the True Light, is the fundamental cause of all illness and dis-ease.

At times, it is also invoked in spiritual works of the mysteries of the arayot when a couple seeks to draw in a soul of a higher grade into incarnation – to this end there is a special invocation taught in the tradition.

We may also say that this seal is often invoked by Christian Mekubalim as an affirmative defense against the magical assaults of sorcerers, false prophets and powerful archonic and demonic spirits, for abiding in the Holy Light and Shekinah of the True God, no darkness can enter or draw near, and therefore in righteousness souls are immune to the influences of the klippot.

Holding the true heart-wish for the happiness of all, the illumination and liberation of all, there is nothing against which the righteous one needs defend her or himself – they abide in the Light Continuum, their innate perfection in the Messiah.

Hallelu Yah! Praise the Lord!

*It must be said that the true image and likeness of the Holy One who is the true Lord of Spirits is the Holy Lamb with seven horns and seven eyes, enthroned upon the book of seven seals in the lap of the Virgin of Light – this is the image and likeness corresponding with the saying in Latin on this seal in the Christian Kabbalah.

Second Seal of Shemesh

This is a seal for the pacification, enrichment and subjugation of klippotic spirits of Shemesh that are prideful and arrogant, and that seek to dominate – and so the mystical characters of Shemesh are on this seal, along with the names of four holy angels, Shemeshiel, Paimoniah, Rekhodiah and Melkhiel.

Shemeshiel is the great angel of Shemesh bearing the knowledge and power of Shemesh, as well as intimate knowledge of the Light of the Messiah, the Spiritual Sun, and he-she is a great and skillful preacher of the Holy Gospel, converting many archonic angels and spirits to the True Faith.

Paimoniah is an angel of great righteousness, but is a fierce angel of wrath before which no shade or shadow can stand, and spirits of pride and arrogance are brought low and humbled.

Rekhodiah has the most radiant and beautiful countenance, and is filled with unimaginable splendor and glory, but so lofty and holy is this angel that few can gaze upon this one – very swiftly the mere presence of this holy angel brings spirits into submission in the presence of Ha-Shem.

Melkhiel has an appearance like that of a holy priest-king and comes from among the guardians of the Order of Melchizedek – this is an angel with the power to swiftly pacify and enrich spirits, bringing them into the service of the Good, and also the power to grant many blessings and boons, including healings.

These angels of Shemesh also grant immunity to the “evil eye,” and they have knowledge of how to shield from the gaze of the Fallen and the Great Beast.

Psalm 68 bears the powers of this seal, among other powers, and is a prayer for the invocation of this seal.

Third Seal of Shemesh

This is a very intriguing seal, for on one hand, it is a seal invoking an Archangel of Yahweh and the manifestation of visions of Supernal Malkut – there is knowledge of New Jerusalem in this seal; on the other hand, this seal diminishes the power of the demiurge and archons, and it binds them to the service of the faithful and elect for the glorification of Ha-Shem, and it corresponds to the teaching, “If you have any need in the world, ask your Mother, and she will provide for you from the alien realm.”

The Great Name is written twelve times in this seal, but how it appears in the Greater Key of Solomon is a veiled form so that the profane or non-initiate will not penetrate the mysteries of this seal, for the twelve permutations of the Great Name ought to appear, and they are used in the invocation of this seal, corresponding to the Twelve Tribes of Israel and to the powers of the Twelve Saviors – the fullness of Supernal Malkut joined with Supernal Tiferet through the agency of the Supernal Tzaddik, Yesod, the Foundation of All (Kol).

Verse 34 of chapter 4 of Daniel is written on this seal, and verses 28 through 37 are the prayer of invocation for the binding of the power of the demiurge and archons, and so also is Psalm 89. Psalm 145, however, holds the power of the invocation of this seal for visions of Supernal Malkut and knowledge of New Jerusalem, but when invoked for the knowledge of the powers of the Twelve Saviors, join with Psalm 145 is a recitation of chapter 21 of Revelation, and chapter 22:1-5, along with the chant of the 144 Names of God.

This seal is deeply connected with the first seal, and there is a sacred ceremony in which the two are invoked together.

This seal corresponds to the true opening of the “Gates of the Abyss,” so that among the invocations of this seal are those for the sojourner “Crossing the Abyss.” Reflecting this we may say, “Yahweh is a God of the desert, dwelling in the wilderness of the desert – if you wish to seek Yahweh, go out into the desert, for there is where you will find Yahweh Elohenu, the Lord your God.”

In this regard you may wish to consider Yohanan the Baptist, the Tzaddik of the Messiah, who lived in the wilderness, dwelling by the Sacred Jordan, eating wild honey and locusts; and likewise, when the Spirit of the Messiah entered into Adonai Yeshua, you may wish to consider Ruach Ha-Kodesh driving him out into the wilderness of the desert, and what transpired during his vision quest.

As Yohanan teaches, “If you wish to walk in the company of the kingdom of heaven, live as a maggid, an angel of God (El), and so the holy angels will walk with you as you walk with Ha-Shem, rejoicing in the presence of the Lord (Adonai).”

This is the key to the invocation of the full power of this seal.

*Christian Mekubalim added the Blessed Name of Yeshua to the center of the seal, “Yahweh delivers”; this is called the “perfection of the seal,” and it speaks to the greater mysteries of this seal.

Fourth Seal of Shemesh

The spirits of this seal are able to discern hidden things in hearts and minds, and reveal them, and likewise they give sight into the world of spirits so that invisible spirits are made visible, and they are especially good at making invisible spirits in a place visible, as well as revealing the true form of spirits, dispelling enchantments and illusory appearances.

They also have the ability to reveal hidden works of magic and sorcery, and to reveal spirits and powers bound up in sacred objects.

Along with this, these spirits of Shemesh have significant manifestation power and can bring blessings and boons of a worldly nature.

The Divine Names of Yahweh and Adonai appear on this seal, and a word of power in the mystical symbols of the “Passing of the River,” and verse 3 and 4 from Psalm 13 appears on this seal – that psalm holding the power of this seal.

Unified with Yahweh, El Shaddai and Adonai, gathering light-power at the brow, reciting Psalm 13 with prayer and devotions, this seal is invoked with the Shemesh Hexagram.

*The greater sight into the World of the Holy Spirit, or full opening of the interior senses through an expanded state of consciousness, does not come by way of the spirits of Shemesh, but rather it comes through prayer and worship of Ha-Shem and the reception of Ruach Ha-Kodesh.

Fifth Seal of Shemesh

The spirits of this seal can help with the generation of an astral body – a light body, through which a wonderworking may move and work at a distance; likewise, they can help a wonderworker move a great distance swiftly in the material dimension.

Along with this they can give sight into the past or future, giving lesser prophecy through the hazy mirror in dream and vision.

Names of spirits appear on this seal in the mystical characters of the “Passing of the River” and the sigil of a powerful spirit appears in the center. The power of this seal is also held in Psalm 91, as are several others, but when a movement is need for deliverance, Psalm 25 becomes a prayer in invocation of this seal.

Sixth Seal of Shemesh

This seal holds a power of invisibility and veiling spiritual works – the spirits of this seal help to keep a secret, and help to bypass guardians of gates and portals unseen, and they hold knowledge of curious magic invoking other-dimensional entities that have great power. These other-dimensional entities, however, are very strange and alien, and their presence in this universe tends to be very volatile, their powers requiring skill to direct, as well as deep knowledge and understanding of the law and insight into possible unforeseen effects – they are akin to “spirits of chaos” that can bring about the most radical shifts in the great matrix, but often with side-effects that are difficult to predict.

Along with this, these spirits of Shemesh have knowledge of magical beings in the seven earths and travelling in the spirit through these realms.

In the center of this seal is the letter Yod in the mystical figure of the “Celestial” script, and the Name of Shaddai appears in the script of the “Passing of the River,” and so also does the first verse of Genesis. Verse 23 from Psalm 69 is on this seal, along with verse 16 from Psalm 135, Psalm 135 holding the power of this seal in invocation.

*When this seal is invoked for works with other-dimensional entities, or for works with magical beings of the seven earths, the first chapter of Genesis, and the second chapter, verses 1 through 4, becomes the prayer of invocation – deep mysteries of the Kabbalah and days of creation being the kavvanot.

Seventh Seal of Shemesh

The angels and spirits of this seal have great power for deliverance from bondage, as well as for radical shifts in the matrix of spiritual forces and the play of fate and fortune; likewise they hold deep knowledge of mysteries of the resurrection and the Mystical Body of the Risen Messiah as the true Holy Merkavah.

This is a seal of great magical knowledge and power – knowledge of great wonders.

The power of Shemesh is joined to the power of the Elemental Forces in this seal, the name of the angels of the elements, Hassan (Air), Arel (Fire), Forlakh (Earth) and Taliahad (Water) appear on the seal, along with the names of the rulers, Ariel, Seraf, Tharshis and Kerub, respectively. Thus, this seal is invoked by way of the Great Convocation, joining the full invocation of the Greater Ritual of the Hexagram with the full invocation of the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram, opening all celestial and elemental gates, invoking all of the Divine Powers.

Verses 16 and 17 from Psalm 116 are on this seal, and this psalm holds the power of this seal.

*In certain spiritual works the Book of Ecclesiastes becomes the prayer of invocation, shifting the balance of what is manifest under the sphere of the sun; likewise, John 20:19-23 is also a prayer of invocation holding powers that are in this seal.

This concludes the essential teachings on the seals of Shemesh in the Art of Solomon.


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