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The Secrets Planetary Seals from the Kameas (Jupiter + Sun)

Agrippa of Nettesheim describes in his Occult Philosophy seven different magical squares of numbers or kameas associated with the seven planets.Together with these are given characters of spirits and intelligences, as well as seals of the planets. How the characters and seals are drawn from the kameas is not explained Agrippa’s work. In the occult curriculum of the Golden Dawn the method of drawing characters of spirits and intelligences from the kameas is described. However, the planetary seals are explained as “symmetrical design(s) so arranged that its lines pass through every number in the square”. 

This claim can be falsified by some investigation.The unknown method of drawing planetary seals from the kameas led me to some sleepless nights where I tried to deduce the method. I actually found a very plausible method for the even-numbered kameas (those with 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 entries).

After evenmore sleepless nights I also found a method for the odd-numbered kameas, but this method seemed less likely to be correct. Later I learned that K. A. Nowotny had found a method for the even-numbered kameas that is the same as mine in essence 3. However, he had no good explanation for the odd numbered kamea seals.

The methods I found will be described in this article.The kameas are squares with numbers or the corresponding Hebrew letters in them. The numbers used are the numbers from 1 to n,where n is the number of entries in the kamea. The number of entries in the kamea is equal to the square of the number of entries in each side of the kamea. Thus the kamea with 16 entries is called the 4x4 kamea. The letters or numbers are placed in such a way that the sum of every row, every column or every diagonal is the same.

For example the sums in the following 4x4 kamea are 34.

Now, every kamea with 3x3 entries to 9x9 entries are associated with one of the seven arcane planets. This is due to the sephirothic correspondence of the planets. Thus Saturn that corresponds to the 3rd sephiroth Binah, is associated with the 3x3 kamea; Jupiter that corresponds to the 4th sephiroth Chesed is associated with the 4x4 kamea, and so on.To draw the seal of Jupiter from the 4x4 kamea, simply count from 1 to16 (number ofen tries in the kamea), while pointing one entry at the time. A good place to start the counting is in the upper right entry of the kamea, and then count to the left. When the end of the row is reached, precede with the row underneath, starting at the right. Each time the number counted is the same as the number in the entry, mark the entry. The 4 x 4 kamea will then look like this:

Now, draw lines between the marked entries,the shortest possible distance. The kamea will now look like this:

Then you may count from the lower left entry to the right. The rest of the entries will then be marked. Drawing a line the shortest possible distance between the entries, will give this figure:

Counting in any other directions will not give any more marked entries.By adding small circles at the end of the straight lines, we will have the seal of Jupiter:

The method becomes even more convincing when the complex seal of the Sun is drawn from the 6 x 6 kamea.

 Counting from upper right (to the left) will give:

Counting from the lower right (to the left) will give:

Counting from the upper left (to the right) will give:

Counting from the lower left (to the left) will give:

 Thus we have the seal of the Sun:


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