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The Secrets Planetary Seals from the Kameas (Mercury + Mars + Venus)

The seal of Mercury is drawn from the 8x8 kamea in the same way:

Counting from upper right to the left:

Counting from the lower left to the right:

Making the seal of Mercury:

The seals drawn in this way have a much stronger resemblance with the seals drawn in the work of Agrippa than the later ones in The Golden Dawn by Regardie. This supports that the method deduced is correct. It is far more difficult to extract planetary seals from the odd-numbered kameas. In fact I am fairly sure that the method I have found forthese kameas is not correct. Anyway, to draw seals from the 5x5, 7x7 and 9x9 kameas, we need to count in a different pattern than with the even-numbered ones.The counting pattern for the 5x5 kamea is like this:

When numbered, the counting pattern lookslike this:

Now, the 5x5 kamea looks like this:

By utilisation of the counting pattern, marking entries when number counted mach the number in the entry, these entries will be marked:

To make the method work we now have to apply some other rules. Fist, any line outside the diagonal cross has to go through three entries or more. Second, any line outside the diagonal cross has to go through entries within the same interval of 10 (0 to 9, 10 to 19 etc.). Therefore 7 and 9 is not used in the following figure, but 17 and 19 can be incorporated in the diagonal cross. Tracing lines the shortest possible distance and following the rules above, makes this figure:

 Counting in the other direction, like this:

 Will mark these entries on the kamea:

 Making the figure look like this:

Why there is no line through 6, 1 and 2 is difficult to explain, maybe it is because the space is already occupied by a line. Counting like this:

will mark the numbers 16, 21 and 22 on the kamea. The 21 and 22 cannot be used to draw any lines, because of the rules described above, but the 16 can be incorporated in the diagonal cross in the same way as 17 and 19. Notice how the line goes outside the centres of the 22 and 9 entries, not incorporating them in this line:

4, 5 and 10 are also marked by the former counting, but are not used in the figure because of the rules implied above. By adding some circles, the seal of Mars is produced:

 A similar counting pattern is used on the 7x7 kamea:

Counting in different directions, applying the rules, the figure made on the 7x7 kamea looks like this:

Making the seal of Venus:


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