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The Secrets Planetary Seals from the Kameas (Luna + Saturn + Terra)

Again one has to make some exceptions from the rules, or there would have been a line through 43, 44 and 45. The reason why a cross is chosen through 41, 42, 48 and 49, instead of a circle, may simply be artistic freedom. A similar counting pattern applied on the 9x9 kamea will mark these entries:

With some good will and ignoring the former rules, this figure can be traced:

With some circles added, we have the seal of Luna:

Concerning the 3x3 kamea, none of the above methods make the seal of Saturn. It seems that the seal is drawn from the 3x3 kamea simply by tracing lines in a chronological fashion through the numbers in the kamea,tree numbers at the time. Thus one line is traced through 1, 2 and 3, one line through 4, 5 and 6, and one line through 7, 8 and 9, like this:

What is all this good for? From my own experience, I have found the planetary seals to be quite powerful symbols. Not only have they been used by magicians for centuries and therefore according to some schools of thought, been stuffed with power. They are also, in the same way as the pentagram and the hexagram, symbols of mathematical origin. The symmetry and harmony of mathematical figures is a well establishedtool in the western magical tradition, and in my opinion such figures are the best suited for invoking powers from the world of ideas. If not absolutely necessary, it is in our interest to draw the seals as correctly as possible to maximize their potential in magical work. To do this it is essential to know the correct way of drawing the seals from the kameas. I am fairly sure the correct way has been found for the even-numbered kameas. The method suggested for the odd-numbered ones however, have too many weaknesses. If anyone could find a better and simpler method, I would be quite happy. But one word of warning: Do not embark on this if you are not ready to invest a lot of time. These riddles can be quite obsessive. Finally I will include a seal drawn from a 10x10 kamea using the method for even-numbered kameas. Only one counting direction is used to keep the seal simple and symmetric. This seal may be used in workings of Malkuth and Terra.


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