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Our beloved friend Dorian.J has shares with us his nice pics, which will surely be useful for goetic evocations néophytes. BIG UP Dorian !

Notre ami Dorian. J a partagé ses illustrations qui serviront très certainement à tous les néophytes des pratiques évocatoires goétiques. Merci à toi Dorian !

Let's start with the 4 Kings and with goetic Spirits assigned to them.

Commençons avec les 4 Rois et avec les Esprits Goétiques attribués à chacun..

1° Goetic Spirits under King ORIENS.

2° Goetic Spirits under King EGYN.

3° Goetic Spirits under King AMAYMON.

4° Goetic Spirits under King PAYMON.

Here comes below, the 72 goetic Spirits Zodiacal and Planetary attributions.

Viennent ensuite les attributions Planétaires et Zodiacales, pour les 72 Esprits goétiques.

Here comes the Binding Time Table > Best Time to operate and try to bind such or such goetic spirit, according to his 'Rank').. For each Rank, a Period to operate is recommended. The mage will observe proper time to practice goetic evocation.

Voici la Table pour les Heures de Ligatures > Heure(s) propice pour opérer et ainsi tenter de lier tel ou tel esprit goétique, en fonction de son Rang.. Pour chaque Rank Démoniaque est attribué une Période propice pour pratiquer une évocation goétique.

Spirits like perfums and Incences. Make offerings to them when you call them. For each Demonic Rank, a magical Herb/Plant is attributed.

Les Esprits apprécient les parfums et les Encens. Faites leur une offrande lorsque vous souhaitez les appeler. Pour chaque Rang, une Herbe/Plante est attribuée.

For each Demonic Rank, a Metal is attributed. The mage will assure to use the appropriate metal in order to make his talismans and the concerned Spirit's Seal..

Pour chaque Rang Démoniaque, un Métal est attribué. Le mage veillera à utiliser le métal approprié dans le but de fabriquer ses talismans et le Sceau de l'Esprit concerné..

Last point, the Mage preparation. Before practicing a goetic evocation, the mage will check all his Toolz.

Dernier point: La préparation du Mage. Avant de pratiquer toute évocation goétique, le mage vérifiera tous ses Outils.

Comparisons Charts of the 4 Great Kings Historical & Cardinal Attributions.

Tables de Comparaisons des Attributions Historiques et Cardinales des 4 Grands Rois.

(NB: This posts is subject to be updated.)


- Dorian. J / If you like this post, you can say 'Thank You' to Dorian here > Solomonic - Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires

4 commentaires:

  1. Weyer states the fours kings are: AMAYMON king of the east, Gorson king of the south, Zimimar king of the north, Goap king and prince of the west, may be bound from the third houre, till noone, and from the ninth houre till evening.

    Key of Solomon states the four kinds are:

    O Oriens, distinguished king who reigns and rules in the East, whose rule and kingdom had its beginning in the century, and will last until the end of the century.

    O Paymon, mighty king who rules in the western part of the sky.

    O Egym, strong king, whose kingdom and rule extends to the icy North.

    O Amaymon, most noble king whose domain is in the South.

    Am I wrong?

    1. Hi F.V.F, thank you for your comment. Indeed according to differents sources, roles attribution of the 4 Kings turns around.. Here is a post, part of a nice discution about them:

      Thank You.

  2. this chart is based on stephen skiner book magister the chart of the four kings and weyer, this is a copist error go to skiner book clavis infernus an d look the square of weyer

  3. yes frater the chart of the four kings or gatekeeper is oberon, and the others chart from skiner the goetia of dr rubb thk