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A Goetic Experiment of spirit Birto

Being a partial transcription from Ms Folger v.b 26 / The Book of Oberon edited by Daniel Harms, James R. Clark & Joseph H Peterson & Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon edited by Joseph H Peterson.

From TBoO: 

'An experiment approved by Friar Bacon to have a spirit appear in a circle to make answer to any question to be demanded'.

[Follow the figure of the Winged Serpent]

From TBoO:

First you must make two circles, the one for yourself, and the other for the spirit, on this sort as followeth.

These circles must be made with a knife having a white haft in the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 10th, or 12th day of the month (Lunar Month), the air being clear.


On the Second, Fourth, Sixth, [Tenth,] or Twelfth days of the Moon's Increase go to the place appointed for this and the like purpose and in the Evening when the Air is Serene, lay down the Circle and their Characters in the order here after explained in the Copies thereof.

From TBoO:


From FOLGER V.B 26:

From TBoO:

Then, thou sitting in thy circle upon thy knees towards the east, say this conjura­tion:

0 Lord holy father almighty and everliving God, I pray and beseech thee by the virtue of  thy holy +, and by thy power that you suffer me, thy servant N. , who thou hast made to thy own image and likeness not to be oppressed with the deceit of ene­mies, neither with adversity or need, by Jesus Christ our Lord the Redeemer and sav­iour of the World and king of glory. Amen. Christ + overcometh + Christ comman­deth + Christ + vouch safe to command me to be  a triumpher over all my enemies bodily and ghostly, visible and invisible. Amen.

Psalm 54, "deus innocent, tuo salvum me  fac;' then say the Psalm as is before said.

Then say this conjuration:

I  conjure thee, 0 spirit which art called Birto, by the dignity of thy prince Or­nothochos and Booth and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Alpha and Omega,one God  for evermore, that thou do here appear in the circle assigned for thee in afair shape of a man, and that thou tell me the truth without any falsehood or crat, ofall such things that I shall ask or demand of thee, by him to whom be all honour and glory, power and dominion, for ever and ever. Amen.


I exorcise, Call upon, and Conjure thee Spirit which art called Birto by the dignity of  the Prince Omothocos and Booth and  in  the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, and by  the power of these Potent, Inestimable, Divine, and Commanding Names of the Almighty  and Everlasting God  Jehova, EI, Elohim, Sabaoth, Adonay, Tetragrammaton, Alpha et Omega...(CUT)

(CUT) all  the Aforesaid I do yet again powerfully Exorcise, Conjure and Command thee Spirit which art called Birto that thou do immediately forthwith, and at this present, Appear Visibly before me in that Circle appointed for thee in fair and human form and shape of a man, and no ways terrible or hurtful to me, or any other person whatsoever. And I constrain thee to tell me the Truth and Verity of all such things as I shall ask and demand of thee without Fraud Guile Deceit &c. in His Name to whom [be] all Honour, Power, Glory and Might, Majesty and Dominion for Ever and Ever Amen.

From TBoO:

Then demand of him what thou wilt and he will openly declare to thee thy desire,but note thou must say these conjurations and Psalm three times before  thou de­mand any question.

Then when thou hast ended thy work and hast thy desire, licence him on this wise to depart.

0 Birto, by all the words that I have spoken, and by the same virtue that thoudidst come hither at this presence unto me, I command and charge thee to depart inpeace, and rest with  thy God, and be ready to come unto me another time when I shall call thee by the virtue of our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom be all honour, power,and glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

This experiment of Birto was proved at the  instant request of Edward the 4th, King of England, and therefore keep it safely. Finis.


As hath often been proved at the instant request of Edward the Fourth King of England.

From TBoO:

Let the Conjuration be often repeated and said over with ample courage, confidence, and resolution, and when the Spirit appears, receive him courteously and gently. Bind him with the bond of Spirits and then he will freely and faith-fully  declare, and make answer  to whatsoever shall be demanded, and will serve, obey, fulfill all commands &c. Then relieve him to depart in peace. Let the Circle for  the Invocant which is that wherein the name Magister is written be made as here described, and let the Effigy or Character, or Wivern be fairly drawn or printed upon an Abortive as follows.

- As for the Circle wherein the Spirit appeareth it may be made two or three several ways according to the place that is made choice of to act in, and [the] Ground of [*or] Floor. If the Ground be naught or rugged, as in Woods or Coppices they generally are,  then must the Ground be Paved, and made very even, so that an impression may be made visible and plain  thereon, or else let  it be made on large Calfskin parchment, but it is far better on the Ground, and if upon Parchment or Floor, then let it be made or drawn thereon with Chalk, or Marking Stone and place them three feet asunder, and herein take a [serious and] deliberate consideration, and  let reason and prudence be  thy  principal guide, without which principles, a Magician is but a Shadow to a Substance, and shall as soon miss as hit of his Expectation.


Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon by Joseph H Peterson - Ebenezer Sibley & Frederick Hockley
The Book of Oberon edited by Daniel Harms, James R. Clark, Joseph H. Peterson