Summer Magical Workz (Part 1).

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It's now Summer season ! I will be able to perform my goetic evocations series soon..

Workz will be ported from Libellus Veneri Nigro Sacer 'spirits', especially the one whom is called MOGARIP. I never had opportunity to trade with other practitioners about the spirits from the LVNS yet.

I have found a nice and quiet forest place to run the ritual by night. (It took me two full years to be able to gather all the necessary ingredients/conditions to practice the evocation ritual)..
I'll also plan to record (tape) my evocation ritual by night, but only with the Lemegeton's spirits in a first time..One can find a nocturnal digital video camera for less than 250 euro on Ebay..Concerning the fact about recording operations: I plan to 'ask to the spirit' if I could or not record the ritual. The spirits' s visible manifestations can take differents aspects, depending on who you are working on/with...

I have to finish some toolz too: My Circles (since the circle for Lemegeton operations is different from the circle used in the LVNS evocation rituals and my new/large Lemegeton circle is not finished too !).

My Hazel Wand still needs to be woodburned and Consecrated. Idem for my Athame which will be Dremelized for the occasion before being properly painted then varnished ! I want to use Wand and Athame for my LVNS even if the Ms don't mention them..And..... My Ring has to be Engraved in the proper day by Laser process..

I'm also planning my forthcoming book (Still published in French): Le Grimoire Secret de Turiel

I have made the acquisition of the last JHP's co-authoring book: The Book of Oberon published by Llewellyn; IMO a Master piece of Elizabethan occult litterature and one of the best of JHP book ! If you art interested about Evocation Magic, you should buy this book..

A funny guy (Jedidiah Forrest Gainey Lyon-Khan) has done a BoO Review.  You can see it by hitting this link :

Occult Oculus Book Review #1 - The Book of Oberon.
Still looking for time to write my own book.. More infos about soon..

I'd like also to thanks all the people that support me and you, fellow readerz !

[UPDATE] 07/07/15

I'll be in Paris for month of July ! I will go to the Arsenal library and I'm pretty sure I won't come back with hands empty..

I've already prepared a list of the MSs I wish I could digiscan..And....Prales has very well worked too. He deserves some honey on a silver spoon.

(NB: This posts is subject to be updated.)


- Own Experience.
- The Book of Oberon - Daniel Harms, James R. Clark, Joseph H. Peterson / Llewellyn 2015