Clavicula Salomonis de Secretis in nomine Adonai Tetragrammaton [ca 1600-1700] Ms 439

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Another interesting version of the GKoS, Subtitled 'Clavicula Salomonis de Secretis, in nomine Adonai Tetragrammaton.. - The secrets of magic, demonology, occult and astrology'.

The book has been written in Germanic language.
19,5x13 cm / 116 Pages.

This version contains German / Latin / Greek and Hebrew elements. Lots of 'unusual' spirits are given into the book. It contains original illustrations of Pentaculum: unfortunately several pentacles are blank / without sigils inside the circle figure..

COMPARE this Ms with 'Clavicula Salomonis de Secretis / Cod.mag.136'.

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