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The Mysterious Agimat: A Magical Clothe and Talisman

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The Agimat Vest:

Agimat or bertud or anting-anting, is a Filipino word for "amulet" or "charm". Anting-anting is also a Filipino system of magic and sorcery with special use of the above-mentioned talismans, amulets, and charms. It is part of a wider South-East Asian tradition of tribal jewelry, as "gantung" (meaning "hanging") in Indonesian/Malay and "anting-anting" (meaning "ear pendant") in Javanese .

- Gilberto Strapazon: ...In the center is Jesus, on top Sun at left, Moon ata right, then it appears a kind of hierarchy of manifestation, in two columns. Aside Jesus are fours angels (I didn't find that hard to read names), The left draw appears to means knowledge related (the inverted triangle of the wisdom of God surrounded by angels controlling the snake) and at right, the alchemy at the earth life (the man and the woman inside a vase) with a church behind. Below what appears to be four kings each one with a divine principle (left and right). The names and words around appears some found at the Greek papire...

- Nineveh Shadrach: Philippines and Indonesia are pretty much next door to each other. One is Catholic and one is Muslim. The Agimat protection vest has parallel with the ones in Indonesia. I wear something similar to the Agimat, but it has Arabic inscriptions, and I got it from Indonesia.

- Vladimir Victoria: there are people who are members of 'antingero' groups here in the Philippines who use such empowered clothing. mainly it protects them from harm inflicted by bullets, metal weapons, etc. they call such power, 'kabal' or by another power, 'taguliwas'. roughly translated, they are 'unbreakable' and 'untargettable', respectively.

Contains many Latin and some obscure language as incantations. Anting antings such as these have mixed Catholic, Pagan and even Masonic symbols. During the Philippine revolution, some Katipuneros used some handkerchiefs like these to aid them (either to give them self confidence or make them believe that they are immune to bullets) in battle. Cultists like the Lapiang Malaya (1967) have time and again used these for the same purpose with the belief that they can be protected from bullets. Nowadays, some healers use the same handkerchiefs to cure believers.

ARARITA - Agimat

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