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The Interpretation of the Cabalistic Heptagon

This is very interesting Repost from Ricercares.

Another rough and ready rendering, this time from Kircher's Oedipus Aegyptiacus (1652-4), pp. 479-81, using the Latin on;Joseph Peterson's site. Criticism from experienced Latin scholars appreciated, but I hope I've got the gist of it…

Kircher seems to be extremely unenthusiastic regarding this sign due to the corrupted names - ultimately drawn from the Cabala but then garbled into Latin letters. Perhaps his distaste was compounded by the name of the sign in magical literature - the Sigillum Dei, or Seal of God. It first seems to occur in the 13th century Liber Juratus, in conjunction with a lengthy ritual to obtain a beatific vision. Later it was employed as a facet in John Dee's'Enochian' magic. Presumably it is the association of the Deity with what Kircher considers such an inconsistent and inaccurate articulation of divine names and symbolism that led him to damn it as a demonic blind, cooked up in the Devil's kitchen.

Edit: I'm not sure where Kircher took his version of the seal from, but in theLiber Juratus referenced above the words around the Tau Cross are obviouslyEl and Ely, rather than e e e e y. Obviously either Kircher or the copyist of the seal confused a florid l with an e somehwere along the line.

The Interpretation of the Cabalistic Heptagon

This amulet of the heptagon enclosed by the circle is dedicated to Venus and used in the hieroglyphic arithmetic that we have discussed. On the circumference are marked out 72 letters drawn from the Cabala, each indicating one of 72 angels (see the chapter Cabalam Hebraeorum, p. 275). With this in mind, may one not ridicule the stupidity of wicked men and the foolishness of changing the Cabalistic signs into Latin letters, and yet they have so great a faith, the power of which they believe can move mountains, that who could persuade them otherwise?

Because the Devil begat the human state nothing can be done, for unless they embrace the suffering of Christ such men go to ruin; hence, according to Satan's need to cover his wickedness, signs ascribed to Christ are placed between the angles of the heptagon, and the Angel of Darkness under the guise of the light presents himself, they are as follows: Betwen the corners AB, there is within a square a single Cross with four angles, between which are inserted the letters AGLA, which is a Hebrew name in most celebrated within the Cabala [Heb: AGLA], which expands to signify, [Heb: AThH GBVR L'ULM ADNI], You are Eternally Strong O Lord: if the initial letters of which are taken into a single word, the name Agla will emerge, as this square shows. Within the angle BC has been placed [Heb: ALI] Eli, that is, My God.

Courtesy, Copyright 2015 Joseph H. Peterson

Within the corners of CD is placed Eloi [Heb: ALHY], which signifies the same meaning as the preceding name, but yet has been placed separately: from this you may deduce the ignorance of these people. Within DE the name of Christ, Sother, which is Greek and means Saviour, this sign is not to be without the verminous machinations from the Greek language. Then follow Adonay and Saday, which mean Lord and Omnipotent.

These are the seven names assigned to Christ, which subdue the seven Venereal Intelligences, which are Casziel, Satquiel, Samael, Raphael, Mahel, Gabriel; whose Hebrew names may be found and translated elsewhere; this is in order that even here it may appear that from God and the good Angels little [harm?] will be able to come, but they are base Cacodaemons who have changed in shape: thus are the sides of the heptagon inscribed with names less derived from the Cabala, than from the Devil's kitchen!

They inscribe within the heptagon a pentagram, in the centre of which is the letter T, the symbol of health (or salvation); around which they intend to write these letters [Gr: ugeia - Hygeia, e.g. Goddess of Health], but - ignorant beasts that they are - have substituted e e e e y. Then, within the triangles that spring from this amulet words of Arabic origin are placed yl, al, le, al, um, but most corruptly used in all respects; indeed, they were wishing to imitate the Arabic la alla ella alla, There is no God but God, which they were unable to relate, and instead have placed the most awkward words, yl, al, le, al, um: by um they may have wished to set forth the following:

The previous Arab saying is always followed by the words Mahumet rassul alla; which in their dangerous letters they render um. Out of this you may comprehend how greatly the Devil mocks incautious men, that while they claim to be Christians, secretly proclaim Mohammetanism. Indeed, within this single amulet are four religions, Jewish, Christian, Mohammetan and Pagan, and from this from this, you will be able to see, that it is a secret bargain with the demons, and an insult to the Christian religion according to its cause and custom.

But I also wish to explain why a pentagram is used. The ancients associated the Pentagram, the arithmetic use we have noted, with Mars, and they have declared the heptagon to Venus. Furthermore they claimed that Mars will have no other than Venus. According to an Egyptian book of astronomy, the pentagram promised victory in all things. This pentagramattic amulet is therefore bound with all love and benevolence, and consequently full enjoyment of carnal longings, and the victory over all opposition.

Therefore the appeals, which they are accustomed to announce as being to God and the Angels, are truly made to cacodaemons through the invocation of Venus or Mars and the wicked, sacrilegious rites they are associated with, which, lest Christian ears are wounded, I will not discuss. Therefore, whenever you come across one who is in possession of such an amulet, which is not natural, not Divine nor Angelic, you must persuade him of the need to rid himself of such Diabolic machinations, lest his soul be eternally damned.


- Joseph H. Peterson's reconstruction based on description in the manuscripts, and Ganell's drawing