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The Call of Bilgal one of the 7 (sisters of the faeries)

Dans la continuité de mes recherches sur les esprits élémentaires et leur cosmogonie ou plutôt Hiérarchie.. Les 7 sœurs-fées, filles d'Obéron et de Mycob; respectivement Roi et Reine du peuple féérique..

Dans ce post il est sujet de l'esprit BILGAL, cité dans plusieurs sources telles: le Sloane MS 3826, le Liber Officium Spirituum, le Folger V.B26 ou bien encore le Sepher ha-Levanah.

Ce rituel en est extrait. Retranscription extraite du formidable ouvrage de Don Karr intitulé 'Liber Lunae & Sepher Ha-Levanah: The Book of the Moon'. Un ouvrage remarquable en anglais..

[99v] The Call of Bilgal one of the 7 &

 (coniure) thee B(ILGAL) by heaven and by all the powers and vertues thereof  by the 7 planets (Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon) and by all their secret and hidden operations and vertues by the 4 elements fier (fire) water earth and ayer and by all their powers and effects and by all that ever God did or spake in the creation of the world that thou B appeare unto and this virgin N. in the forme of a Queene sitting in a chaire of beaten gold with thy attendants and shew me those things I demands thee.

 (coniure) thee B. by the earth which is the footstole of our Lord God  and by all the beasts and creatures therein conteyned that thou appeare as aforesaid to me and this virgin etc.

 thee B by the height of heaven  by the depth of the earth  by the toppe of the hilles and by all things therein conteyned that thou appeare as aforesaid etc.

 thee B . by the king of kings, by the prince of all princes  to whome under God thou hast obedience by his dominion and rule and by the office he hath under God that thou obey my invocation.

 thee B . by the sea and by these 7 great and mighty names of God by which King Salomon bound sp. that thou appeare etc.

laiafaryn       vbalganaiah      
laialogin       Moeth  
laiarezyn      Naoth

And finally by the vertue of God the (f)father, God the sonne and God the holy ghost  And by the power of the holy Trinity and by all the host of heaven and by all the strength of Almighty God father of heaven and by all the powers might vertue and dignity of Jesus  our onely Lord and savior and redeemer Amen. fiat fiat fiat.

In no: Saphori  Saphori  Jesu ☩ Christi  Dei  Tetragramaton  Amen.

Sta sta sta ligo te et te  B ex virtutes omnes antedictas et ostendo nihi voluntatem et desiderius men~ in omnibus Amen.


British Library Sloane MS 3826: 84r -100r Transcribed, edited, and introduced by D. Karr
© Don Karr, 1997-8; material added, 2007-8; revised & corrected 2010. All rights reserved.