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A licence for Sibylia to go and come by at all times

Sibilia is mentioned as being both the 'empress' and 'princess' of all fairies to whom all others are servants (Harm, Clark, & Peterson, 2015). She appears in two grimoire rituals that I know of, one in an ancillary capacity merely referenced as having dominion over other fairies while in the other she is invoked into a candle flame to reveal the truth and answer questions put to her. Brock and Raiswell mention that she may be invoked along with Milia and Achilia reflecting a pattern sometimes seen of using alliterative names.

This post is a part content of the book entitled 'The Discovery of Witchcraft' written and published in anno 1584, by Reginald Scot, Esquire ( Also part of my research for informations about the Faeries Sisters)..

CHAPTER IXA licence for Sibylia to go and come by at all times.

"I CONJURE thee Sibylia (Sibyliae), which art come hither before me, by the commandement of thy Lord and mine, that thou shalt have no powers, in thy going or comming unto me, imagining anie evill in anie maner of waies, in the earth or under the earth, of evill dooings, to anie person or persons. 

I conjure and command thee Sibylia by all the riall words and vertues that be written in this booke, that thou shalt not go to the place from whence thou camest, but shalt remaine peaceablie invisiblie, and looke thou be readie to come unto me, when thou art called by anie conjuration of words that be written in this booke, to come (I saie) at my commandement, and to answer unto me truelie and duelie of all things, my will quicklie to be fulfilled. 

Vade in pace, in nomine patris, & filii, & spiritus sancti. And the holie + crosse + be betweene thee and me, or betweene us and you, and the lion of Juda, the roote of Jesse, the kindred of David, be betweene thee & me + Christ commeth + Christ commandeth + Christ giveth power + Christ defend me + and his innocent bloud + from all perils of bodie and soule, sleeping or waking: Fiat, fiat, Amen".

CHAPTER X: This is the waie to go invisible by these three sisters of Fairies.

In the name of the Father, and of the Sonne, and of the Holie-ghost.

First go to a faire parlor or chamber, & an even ground, and in no loft, and from people nine daies; for it is the better: and let all thy clothing be cleane and sweete. Then make a candle of virgine waxe, and light it, and make a faire fier of charcoles, in a faire place, in the middle of the parlor or chamber. Then take faire cleane water, that runneth against the east, and set it upon the fier: and yer thou washest thy selfe, saie these words, going about the fier, three times, holding the candle in the right hand

+ Panthon + Graton + Muriton + Bisecognaton + Siston + Diaton + Maton + Tetragrammaton + Agla + Agarion + Tegra + Pentessaron + Tendicata +

Then reherse these names:

+ Sorthie + Sorthia + Sorthios + Milia + Achilia + Sibylia + in nomine patris, & filii, & spiritus sancti, Amen. I conjure you three sisters of fairies, Milia, Achilia, Sibylia, by the father, by the sonne, and by the Holie-ghost, and by their vertues and powers, and by the most mercifull and living God, that will command his angell to blowe the trumpe at the daie of judgement; and he shall saie, Come, come, come to judgement; and by all angels, archangels, thrones, dominations, principats, potestates, virtutes, cherubim and seraphim, and by their vertues and powers. I conjure you three sisters, by the vertue of all the riall words aforesaid: I charge you that you doo appeare before me visiblie, in forme and shape of faire women, in white vestures, and to bring with you to me, the ring of invisibilitie, by the which I may go invisible at mine owne will and pleasure, and that in all houres, and minuts: in nomine patris, & filii, & spiritus sancti, Amen.

Being appeared, saie this bond following:

O blessed virgins + Milia + Achilia + I conjure you in the name of the father, in the name of the sonne, and in the name of the Holie-ghost, and by their vertues I charge you to depart from me in peace, for a time. And Sibylia, I conjure thee, by the vertue of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the vertue of his flesh and pretious bloud, that he tooke of our blessed ladie the virgine, and by all the holie companie in heaven: I charge thee Sibylia, by all the vertues aforesaid, that thou be obedient unto me, in the name of God; that when, and at what time and place I shall call thee by this foresaid conjuration written in this booke, looke thou be readie to come unto me, at all houres and minuts, and to bring unto me the ring of invisibilitie, whereby I may go invisible at my will and pleasure, and that at all houres and minuts; Fiat, fiat, Amen.

And if they come not the first night, then doo the same the second night, and so the third night, untill they doo come: for doubtles they will come, and lie thou in thy bed, in the same parlor or chamber. And laie thy right hand out of the bed, and looke thou have a faire silken kercher bound about thy head, and be not afraid, they will doo thee no harme. For there will come before thee three faire women, and all in white clothing; and one of them will put a ring upon thy finger, wherwith thou shalt go invisible. Then with speed bind them with the bond aforesaid. When thou hast this ring on thy finger, looke in a glasse, and thou shalt not see thy selfe. And when thou wilt go invisible, put it on thy finger, the same finger that they did put it on, and everie new ☽ renew it againe. For after the first time thou shalt ever have it, and ever begirne this worke in the new of the ☽ and in the houre of ♃ and the ☽ in ♋ ♐ ♓.