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Spirit List From Recension C “Testament of Solomon” (A.C. George)

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Here is re-post of Aristomenes Christos Papageorgopoulos orginal post from FB group.

Here is a list I came across in a recension of the Testament of Solomon in Chester Charlton McCown's Dissertation on the subject. The work (in English) is appended with a series of recensions, mostly in the Greek of the New Testament and Byzantium.
This particular recension is short with the list taking up half of it and the rest is a brief dialog with Beelzebul (as Edzianphiel) and spirits by the name Onoskeloun and Paltiel Jamal. Use the translation as you like, but refer to yours truly if you do. I hope it proves useful.

The Greek hard B-sound (post Byzantine) became a double consonant M+Π = Μπ. The letter beta is pronounced like an English V. Greek speakers would prounounce the English Bilet as Vilet if it were Beta, and Mpilet (or Mbilet) in substitution for a hard B-sound (but realty intending the latter). I hope that makes sense. The jist of it is, the sound is intended to emulate a hard Latin or English B (as in 'Box').

Spirit List From Recension C “Testament of Solomon”
A.C. George (Aristomenes Christos Papageorgopoulos)

I attempt to render the names in English by following a loose phonetic scheme, or in some cases using spelling that seemed to be the most accurate possibility. Please look at the accents in the Greek version to get an idea, which syllable in the English rendition is emphasized.

1. Τζιανφιέλ/Τζήαν: [Jianphiel/Jian] Rules ρη’/ρμ’/ρ’ (108/140/100) legions. Declares the past, present and future.
2. Φαράν: [Faran] Rules ,α (1000) legions. Acts to fulfill all desires. He can raise fire into the air, make water descend and point out (identify) stars.
3. Μαχουμέτ: [Mahomet] Rules σ’ (200) legions. Acts to deceive people regarding each other. Causes also the beasts to speak as humans and the latter to appear headless. Causes, in addition, people to walk naked and for dumb beasts to see others as feral predators.
4. Ναπούρ: [Nappur] Rules ν’ (50) legions. Can in one hour provide gold and silver for you to spend for the rest of your life and from your birth till that time, likewise he provides untarnished ornaments.
5. ‘Ροάπτ: [Roapt] Rules υ’ (400) legions. Makes you to become wise and with the mind of a creative genius.
6. Παρέλ/Παρελκοζίου: [Parell/Parelckoziu] Rules κε’ (25) legions. Makes trees bloom out of season and turns fresh herbs into dried wood.
7. Ασμοδεῶ/Ασμοδέος/Ασμοδεώ: [Asmodeo/s] Rules ξ’ (60) legions. He can make it rain and snow in the summer dry season, and also can provide cherries in the winter.
8. Μπηλέτ: [Bilet] Rules σ’ (200) legions. Can make whatever he wants in the places of Palestine.
9. Λασαράκ: [Lasarak] Rules τ’ (300) legions. He can cause wars and military maneuvers and victories and acts of bravery.
10. ‘Ρααμέτ/’Ραεμέτ/Ραιμέτ: [Raamet/Raemet/Remet] Rules σ’ (200) legions. This one foretells the future and provides riches.
11. Τζερεπόνες/Τζεραπώνες: [Jerepones/Jerapones] Rules ρν’ (150) legions. Able to create and fabricate histories and images (idols) and can understand the calls of birds.
12. Νταρωγάν/Ιτάρογαν: [Darogan/Itarogan] Rules τ’ (300) legions. Can clean all trash and make the poor as the wealthy, and wherever he is, he rules.
13. Πελών: [Pelon] Rules ,α (1000) legions. Acts so that strongholds, cities and countries surrender.
14. Σουπιέλ: [Soupiel] Rules ,α (1000) legions. Can cause revolutions against rulers and hands over lords to the one instigating this, and frees those in prison bondage and also all prisoners.
15. ’Οριένς: [Oriens] Rules φ’ (500) legions. Rules over the spirits of the East, and can do what all of them can do.
16. ’Αμεμῶν/‘Αμαιμῶν: [Amemon*] Rules over Southern (Azimuthal) spirits with φ’ (500) legions. He can do likewise.
17. ’Ελτζήν/’Ελτζεῖν/’Ελτζίν: [Eljeen] Rules over the Northern spirits with φ’ (500) legions, and can do the same.
18. Πανῶν: [Panon] Rules over the spirits of the seas with φ’ (500) legions as well. Also acts upon the winds and the ships thereupon.
19. Βούλ: [Boul] Rules over the spirits of the West with φ’ (500) legions and does the same.
20. ’Αμπατζούτ: [Abajute] Rules also over ,α (1000) legions. Acts within every art, and domain of learning and technique and wisdom.
21. ’Ασταρώθ: [Astaroth] Rules ,β (2000) legions, and acts upon [influences] all those who are coming and going and standing. Creates and reveals treasure.
22. Λουπήτ: [Lupeet] Rules ,ε/ε’ (5000/5) legions. Αcts upon hearing and holding and doing, building and building and destroying and seeing and transferring from place to place.
23. ’Απολήν/’Απόλην/’Απολιϊ: [Apoleen/Apoliy] Rules ρ’/φ’ (100/500) legions, and acts to make you rich and provides much silver and gold.
24. ’Αστερώθ/’Αστηρώθ: [Asteroth/Asteeroth] Rules ,α (1000) legions, and acts upon kingdoms and cities and citadels, towers and buildings.
25. Λάτζηφερ/Λατζιφέρ: [Latzifer] Rules ,γ (3000) legions and acts upon all rulers (kings), and makes them do whatever he wants.
26. Μαγώτ/Μαγότ: [Magot]Rules ,δ (4000) and acts upon speaking and doing.
27. Καράπ: [Karap] Rules ,ζ (7000) legions and acts upon cities, citadels and homes.
28. Οὔλεος/Οὐλατός: [Uleos/Ulatos] Rules a clan/tribe or ä/α’ (10000/1) [Probably ,α = 1000] legions. Creates magnificence (great men) and wonderful navies and all manner of plays and illusions and convinces animals and humans of whatever you desire.
29. Κρινέλ: [Krinel] Rules ¨σ/σ’ (20000/200) legions, and acts to dispose of [negate] men and women, and causes conflicts and upsets and disruptions [chaos].
30. Τουγέλ/Τοῦγελ: [Tougel] Rules χ’ (600) legions; creates love- from city to city, person to person as well as men to women.
31. Σεταριέλ: [Setariel] Rules κ’ (20), Reveals treasures, and establishes the utilization of what has not been considered even though it be far from notice [beyond comprehension], and also provides the useful perspectives of women.
32. Φακανέλ: [Phacanel] Rules ¨ζ (70000) legions, and acts in accordance with all the wishes of the conjuror.
33. ’Οέλ: [Oel] Rules ,γ (3000) legions, he can do all by himself what all others can do.
34. Λένελ/’Oελήνήλ/Nένελ: [Lenel/Oelineel/Nenel] Rules λ’/σ’ (30/200) legions, acts to supply gold and silver, and brings women though they are beyond the range of perception.
35. Σαρατιέλ: [Saratiel] Rules ρ’ (100) legions, acts upon those who are moonstruck (‘lunatics’), he also brings down the moon when he chooses.
36. Μυρατζιέλ/Μιρατζηέλ/Μυρακιέλ: [Muratziel/Miratziel/Myrakiel] Rules ¨β’ 20000/2) legions, acts upon troops and sieges and the capturing of cities.
37. Σανσωνιέλ: [Sansoniel] Rules ,ζτ’ [,ζ και τ’] (7300) legions, acts in order to make tremendously rough seas and strong winds.
38. Ασιέλ: [Assiel] Rules ϊ’ (100000/10) legions, acts to reveal stolen goods and the thieves of said treasure, who are recognized for what they are at any given location, although their place of residence is not discerned beforehand.
39. Καστιέλ/Αστιέλ: [Kastiel/Astiel] Rules σ’ (200) legions, acts to heal any and all illness.
40. Μεινγέτ/Μηνγέτ/Μινγότ: [Minget/Mingot] Rules ξ’ (60) legions, he can make serpents and dragons.
41. ’Ενοδάς: [Enodas] Rules ν’ (50) legions, he can raise (synthesize) fire in the air, and visibly incinerate [war] vehicles.
42. Ατανιανούς/Aντιναός: [Atanianus/Antinaos] Rules ,α (1000) legions, he can keep a tally of all art (methodology) and knowledge and wisdom (intentions/thoughts) of people.
43. Μυραγκούς/Μιραγκούς/Μύρακος: [Murangoose/Mirangoose/Myrakos] Rules λ’ (30) legions, he can keep the sun from visibility.
44. Ποτζέτιες /Ποτζέτιος: [Pojeties/Pojetios] Rules σ’ (200) legions, he can make people and animals to raise in the air.
45. ’΄Ανετ: [Annet] Rules ρ’ (100) legions, knows all stones and makes pearls and the other metals.
46. Παλτάφωτε/Παλταφάτε: [Paltafote/Paltafate] Rules ϊ/ι’ (100000/10) legions, makes one to know all herbs and where each operates and benefits.
47. Σαπαρατζήλ/Σαρατήλ: [Saparajeel/Sarateel] Rules ν’ (50) legions, makes one to know all birds and where each operates.
48. Ταρσεύς/Ταρσές: [Tarseus/Tarses] Rules ξ’ (60) legions, makes one to know the trees and where each operates.
49. Ναβέλ/Ναβάλ: [Navel/Naval] Rules μ’ (40) legions, makes one know all four-legged [beasts] and where each benefits.
50. Σαταήλ/Τασαήλ: [Sataeel/Tasaeel] Rules ε’/,ε (5/5000) legions, acts upon crocodiles and offers these [in a state of] submission.
51. Ναπαλαικόν/Ναμπαλαϊκόν: [Napalecon/Nabalaicon] Rules ε’/,ε (5/5000) legions, he can make the day into night and the night into day.
52. Μακατάκ/Μακκατάκ/Μαχατάκ: [Makatak/Makkatak/Machatak] Rules ε’/,ε (5/5000) legions, acts to multiply the herds/flocks (of sheep/goats) and the horses.

*Both Greek versions of Amemon are pronounced the same. The second uses the dipthong ‘αι’ which has an ‘e’-sound. Of interest is the accent in the first vowel ‘A’. It faces away from the vowel when the latter is pronounced as is. When it stems from a preceding aspirated sound that became silent in Greek, then it faces “inward”.
This is not a professional job, but it was done with diligence so I stand by it. The English renditions of the names could probably have been done better. I didn't want to clutter the list with more commentary so I just left my versions as is, mostly.
Some names do sound Hellenic, but it's hard to say if they are not of "barbarous" origin. Other names are obviously angelic sounding, and others Semitic. I leave it for the reader to examine and compare with other literature of the type.

Frankly, if there is anyone who can translate from the Greek these recensions might prove interesting.


(NB: This posts is subject to be updated.) 


Aristomenes Christos Papageorgopoulos