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Thoughts on the Athame sigils sequence..

✠ Post in English & French / Post en Anglais et en Français ✠ 

Voici quelques notes et réflexions entre Andy Foster et votre serviteur; au sujet des symboles gravés sur l' Athamé.

Sur la trace des symboles gravés sur l'athamé ou couteau à manche noir.. Outil magique de prédilection pour le mage/sorcier, l'athamé est présent dans la Tradition de la Grande Clef Salomon; puis repris plus tard et intégré au sein de pratiques dites 'sorcières' par (entre autre) Gérald Gardner et plus tard, le mouvement wiccan.. On sait très peu de choses sur l'athamé et plus particulièrement sur les symboles que le mage/sorcier est supposé graver sur la garde (le manche) de ce dernier. Dans une des nombreuses versions de la Grande Clef de Salomon (Celle dite du Papillon Vert) - nous retrouvons la séquence des symboles de l'athamé sur la page de titre.. Sous les symboles, on peut clairement lire le mot 'AGALIAREPT'..

Here are some notes and reflections between Andy Foster and your servant; about the engraved symbols on the Athame.

A: The most interesting thing (for me) here is Sign of Agaliarept with Magical Alphabet. I think, The Mages of past had knew this version of alphabet, which used for inscriptions on sacred instruments.

O: Looking closer at Agaliarept signature. It seems that some caracters are used for the athame...

A: Exactly. That's I mean. and number of characters equal to number of letters of AGALIAREPT.

O: Correct that may let us think to an obscure alphabet (?)..

A: Yes, if we find more such parallel texts. I can't get pattern of it. We have two letters A and two different symbols for them. Possible, that one of them is equivalent to Aleph and second - for Ain.

O: Here some pics..

A: Ehhh, this is dead end road. It is just another variant for black hilt knife engraving:

O: Has to be read from right to left has for hebrew.. The French sentence 'Approuvé par AGALIAREPT' (Approved by AGALIAREPT) makes me think about the clavis frontpage where one could read 'Approved by Metatron - Approbata Metratona'.. So I tend to feel that you could be right: AGALIAREPT is may be Divine / spirit / angel / demon name.. ?

A: Yes. You are right. But, is it possible, that symbols of Athame actually just the name of Demon Agaliarept from True Grimoire ?

O: Not my favorite grimoire (Black and Red Dragon and Grimoirum verum and Grand Grimoire has bad reputation to me : latter 'colportage' grimoires - stuffz for money books..)

[NFO] In the Grimoirium Verum, Agaliarept (Agaliarept / Agalierap / Agalierept)  is purported to be one of two demons directly under Lucifer; Satanachia being the other. The Grimoirium Verum also states that Agalierept and Tarihimal are the rulers of Elelogap, who in turn governs matters connected with water. The Grand Grimoire holds that Agaliarept is a general with the power to uncover secrets and reveal mysteries, and commands the second legion (including Guer, Gusoyn, and Boris).

A: OK, lets go !

A: Just speculation on various alphabets..

O: (Paul Huson symbols rendering from 'Mastering Witchcraft' -'Guide Pratique de la Sorcellerie).

A: Lets make collection of images first..

(NB: This posts is subject to be updated.) 


Andy Foster and your servant.