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Analysis on the Pentacles of Jupiter

Here a re-post from Andy's researches about 'The Pentacle from the GKoS': JUPITER SET

Analysis on the Second Pentacle of Jupiter:

"The second pentacle of Jupiter.-- This is proper for acquiring glory, honors, dignities, riches, and all kinds of good, together with great tranquillity of mind; also to discover treasures and chase away the spirits who preside over them. It should be written upon virgin paper or parchment, with the pen of the swallow and the blood of the screech-owl"

Editor's Note. -- In the center of the hexagram are the letters of the name AHIH, Eheieh; in the upper and lower angles of the same, those of the name AB, the Father; in the remaining angles those of the name IHVH. I believe the letters outside the Hexagram in the re-entering angles to be intended for those of the first two words of the versicle, which is taken from Psalm cxii. 3:— 'Wealth and riches are in his house, and his righteousness endureth for ever.'

1. Mathers considered that around corners of hexagram were added the letters of the first two words of the psalm in Hebrew:

הון-ועשר בביתו וצדקתו עמדת לעד

However, in the majority of the manuscripts there are the five letters, similar to the mirrored Tetragram and another letter on the right side (he?).Code.Mag.27 (and CM 1) gives two versions of the inscription, both of them we can found in others MSS. Options are as follows:

1. והו- ההה (32) הוהוהה -- הווהה (27) -- הוההה (26)
2. יאהשיה (331

In a first variant, Vau-He-Vau is the Name of God. Meaning of triple He - it is the rabbinical equivalent of haShem.

The second signature probably introduced Mathers to misunderstanding. It is in complete agreement with Cod.Mag.8 and first inscripture from Cod.Mag.27. it is probably the first letters of a sacred verse or a combination of the Holy names.

2. The inscription in the rays of hexagram:

The inscription is similar to the name of the angel. Options:

ידהיאל (60) יוהיאל (62) יבהאל (48) יבההאל (53)
יפהאל (126) ינאל (91) יבאל (43)
הנימאל (136)

It is possible, that this the name Iratel, one of the 72 angels governing dean Leo. But ירתאל = 632

The numbers associated with Jupiter: 4, 16, 34 and 136. Under this criterion appropriate name from the list is Hanimel. Angelic Intelligence of Jupiters is Iophiel.

יהפיאל = 136

It is possible that it was hidden name, the more that it is composed of 6 letters. And the name Hanimel - an misinterpret of Hismael (136)?

הנימאל - 5+50+10+40+1+30=136
הסמאל – 5+60+40+1+30=136

3. Inside inscription:

Some manuscripts gets of its general release, changing the point to the eye.

The other use "iod-he - aleph" triangle, 19.32px;">In the third (and most of them) - he (tau) -aleph + he

6 + 5 (401 + 5)

Variations: Iah-Aleph (15 + 1 = 16), tau-aleph-he (400 + 1 + 6 = 407) or just Alpeh-Lamed (El) - 31.

On numerical characteristics of Jupiter coincides El=31=4 and Iah-Aleph=16.

Name AHIH submitted by Mathers, bears little resemblance to the truth (in this particular pentacle). Firstly, if your turn on your imagination and look at the images of manuscripts M276 and Arsenal 2348, the name AHIH you can see, but it will be too broken and inverted (backwards, he-aleph instead of aleph-he, etc.). Secondly, it is very likely that the talisman, like many others in the KoS, is subject to numerical order and regularity, and the name AHIH corresponds to a numeric equivalent 21.

I have interesting speculation. He-Aleph-He is from Ex.23:20: המקום אשר הכנתי

First letters of 'the place which I have prepared [for you]' (From: "Behold, I send an angel before thee, to keep thee by the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared").

OK, here not the only one version of this Pentacle. I redraw version of Arsenal 2348 / CM 4 / CM 8. 1. In the center: HA-H; 2. In rays: IVPhIAL (Iophiel); 3. External letters: VHV and HHH.. 

The question of the name of IOPHIEL... I put here IVPhIAL, as it is classical spelling, and it is recognizable on image of Ars. 2348. But is it the same Iophiel? Angel of sephira Chokhma (IVPhIAL) and Jupiterian spirit? Nick Farrell gave IHPhIAL to fit into Jovis number 136. If we look at image of CM 4 and CM 8, the name could be IPhHIAL. What do you think? Probably, Arsenal MS was corrupted in two points and we'll get name IHPhIAL or IPhHAL....

Analysis on the Third Pentacle of Jupiter:

The third pentacle of Jupiter. This defendeth and protecteth those who invoke and cause the spirits to come. When they appear show unto them this pentacle and immediately they will obey. 

Joseph H Peterson: This is the twenty-sixth pentacle in Ad. 10862, number 22 in Aub24, the first in W, but the sixth in Sl. 1307. The verse reads, "qui confidunt in Domino sicut mons Sion non commovebitur in aeternum qui habitat in Hierusalem." In Aub. 24, Hebrew reads TzHQ and RVHIH.

Compare with Mathers version. Can't find neither ADONAI, nor IHVH in MSS (right side of the pentacle).

The most obvious version for names on the right side: TzDQ (צדק) and RVHIH (רוהיה). But lets check all variations. For this first version I have to say, that word RVHIH is unknown. But what about RVChIH? Spirit of Yah. On images of CM 1 and CM 27 (Expurgata version) we can see something like RVCh - three letters. RVCh also means 'to be extended, spread, free'. Probably we have somekind of wordplay: RVIH + RVChH: RVIH - wealth, plenitude, and RVChH - relief, easy. So, I am inclined to the version of RVChIH.

Analysis on the Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter:

4th pentacle of Jupiter. THis is the most clear pentacle with no need to redraw it. CM 5 has the best example. Names: IAH, Bariel (Beriel), Adonai.

Clear pentacle, but Mathers scr*wed with this one too..

Analysis on the Fifth Pentacle of Jupiter:

The fifth pentacle of Jupiter.-- This hath great power. It serveth for assured visions. Jacob being armed with this pentacle beheld the ladder which reached unto heaven. 

Editor's Note.-- The Hebrew letters within the pentacle are taken from the five last words of the versicle which surrounds it, each of which contains five letters. These are, then, recombined so as to form certain mystical names. The versicle is taken from Ezekiel i. 1:— 'As I was among the captives by the river of Chebar, the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of Elohim.' In my opinion the versicle should only consist of the five last words thereof, when the anachronism of Jacob using a pentacle with a sentence from Ezekiel will not longer exist. -SLM 

This is the sixth pentacle in Ad. 10862, but the 29th in Aub24, and the third in W. Verse reads "cum essem in medio captivorum iuxta fluvium Chobar aperti sunt caeli et vidi visiones Dei." -JHP

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- Andy Foster
- Cod Mag MSs