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The Maghribi Seal of the Sultan, and the True Friendship of Ibrahim (Ms Garrett 3G)

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'Al-Khatmah al-Maghribīyah al-Sulṭānīyah wa-al-Khullah al-Ibrāhīmīyah al-Burhānīyah'.

or 'The Maghribi Seal of the Sultan, and the True Friendship of Ibrahim'.

الختمة المغربية السلطانية والخلة الابراهيمية البرهانية

Uniform title: Khatmah al-Maghribīyah 
Format: Manuscript, 
Book Language: Arabic 
Published/​Created: Ḥims, [1233] 
Description: i, 117, ix leaves: paper, ill. ; 205 x 155 (120 x 95) mm. bound to 210 x 160 mm. 

Summary note: Collection of magic formulae and incantations, based on the name of the Prophet, on the name of God, on Qurʾanic verses, etc. The copy contains descriptions of talismans

Notes: Ms. codex. Title from title page (fol. 1a). 
Physical description: 14 lines per page. 

Written in medium small naskh in black ink with use of red. The text is vocalized. Dark cream paper, with laid lines and fiber visible. Fol. i is a later addition (wove paper). Some leaves are poorly mended, with text hardly legible. The name of al-Shaykh al-Akbar is mentioned in a partly obliterated note on fol. 1a. Inscription in Arabic script on fol. (i)a: "Numrah 286". 

Origin: One text is dated Ḥims, Tuesday 7 Rajab 630 [April 19, 1233] (fol. 96a). Incipit first text: بسم ... تبارك الذى نزل الفرقان على عبده ليكون للعامنيا نذيرا ... بسم ... تبارك الذى بيده الملك وهو على كل شى قدير 

Binding note: Rebound in red leather with flap. Blind stamp on covers and envelope flap. 
Provenance: Two ownership statements and impressions of two seals (erased) on fol. 2a. 
The name of the owners read "al-Sayyid Aḥmad" and "Muḥammad Hamzah al-ʻAmdalī". 
Purchased by Ananikian from Egypt, 1924 (see note on fol.1a). 

Source acquisition: Gift ; Robert Garrett, Class of 1897 ; 1942. 
References: Hitti, P. Garrett coll., 948

The Ms is owned by The Princeton University Library.

You can view the Ms online here: Link.

Despite all my researchs here and there, I still don't really know if someone had already attempt to translate the whole Ms into English language, but I speculate the answer is No. (?)

Everytime I put my eyez on it, I'm still saying to my inner self that I should really move my -ss to search and find a nice person able to translate with my collaboration, the whole Naskhi original text outside from this amazing color Ms.. 

A very small part of its occult content has been revealed to me, by a Morroco friend of mine. He tried to translate litteraly into french two pages for me and he begun to read several spirits (also angels) names, each one sounding strongly into my ears and another one: Maymûn.. In fact, I understood he was reading an invocation to King Maymun itself ! So, the Fours Cardinal Kings are clearly evoked at the begin of the Ms ! 

At the same moment, I was studying lotta arabic MSs digital collection that has been shared to me by another friend. I stumbled upon a nice arabic Ms untitled (but i'm calling it 'Codex Arabica', contains and describes lots (over 100) of arabic alphabets and arabic glyphs series..). Indeed, the true Naskh alphabet is clearly described, but even if I can retranscript the arabic naskh original text into a clear phonetical text, i'm not able  to translate it into a 'tangible' english or even french language, what's a pity.. I know it's really a crazy project but I really wish to translate it, oneday..

Some pics preview..

(NB: This posts is subject to be updated.) 


The Princeton University Library.