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De cabala sacra et de ineffabili Dei nomine Tetragrammaton - Parker MS 497

De cabala sacra et de ineffabili Dei nomine Tetragrammaton.

- Foliation: ff. i-iii + 1-62 + iv-vii
- Codicology: Vellum, 146 x 102 mm
(5.8 x 4.2 in.), ff. 63, various numbers of lines to a page.
- Cent. XVII (1623?), in a very fine regular Italic hand.
- Collation: 14 24 (wants 4) 34-94 102 114-164 172.
- Provenance: Binding, brown leather with the arms of Philip IV of Spain in gold surmounted by a cross and encircled with the collar of the Golden Fleece. Given by Henry Flitcroft whose bookplate is in the volume.
- Additions: Printed Book 122. Parker Library Catalogue Number SP.122
- Foliation: ff. i-iii + 1-62 + iv-vii
- Language: Latin, Greek and Hebrew.



1r-62r De cabala sacra et de ineffabili Dei nomini Tetragrammaton

1r Title in red, black and gold capitals

1r Rubric: De / Cabala sacra · Et de / Ineffabili Dei nomine / TETPAΓPAMMATON / (the sacred name in a medallion) / contra hostes et perse / -cutores catholicae fidei /.
Ad Philippum. IV. Hi- / spaniarum et Indiarum / regem potentissimum et catholicum monarcham

2r Dedication to Philip IV

2v Explicit: Datum Matriti die 11 Maii 1623

2v Rubric: Vestrae sacrae Catholicae maiestatis Humillimus ac minimus seruus F. Chrysostomus à Capranica Episcopus Firminiae

3r Imprimatur

3r Incipit: Ego F. Jacobus Bonauentura Hepburnus minimus Scotus, ac Linguae Sanctae Graecae Arabicae caeterarumque linguarum orientalium Professor iussu Illmi ... Cardinalis Veralli ... vidi et perlegi librum Reu ... P. Chrysostomi à Capranica ord. min. etc.

3v Explicit: In nostro conuentu SS. Trinitatis Romae

4r Rubric: Praefatio ad pium Lectorem

4r Incipit: Quae de diuinis nominibus dicuntur

5r Rubric: De Ineffabili ac gloriosissimo dei nomine TETPAΓPAMMATON יהוה aliisque eius assertis attributis nominibus

5r Rubric: Cap. I

5r Incipit: Omnia dei nomina in libris omnibus inuenta
It is illustrated with a series of emblematical and mystical designs in colour which are well executed, or at least neatly, but do not admit of detailed description


7v An engraving of Moses at the Burning Bush coloured by hand: a leaf is wanting after this with the text of cap. III and illustration of cap. IV


14r Cap. X gives the 72 names of God in Latin, Hebrew and Greek



21r Another engraving, coloured, of the Head of God

23r A painting of the mystic Rose supported by a priest and a king

25r The ark of the covenant carried by two Franciscans

26r The Trinity

27r A pen and ink drawing of Moses

28r Creation of Adam

36v Cap. XXVII gives the names of 72 angels

There are 30 chapters in the first part. Then follows a fresh title

42r Rubric: Laudes Ineffabilis ac gloriosissimi nominis etc. ad implorandum divinum auxilium contra hostes catholicae fidei Auctore F. Chrysostomo Carlecto à Capranica Episcopo Firminiae. It contains Prayers, Antiphons, Hymns (acrostic and other), a Litany, etc., and is illustrated with some few mystical figures


Parker Library: Parker MS 497