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Segulot, Gemi'ot ve-goralot - Cod. Sim. Heb. 106

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Title: סגולות, קמיעות וגורלות
Transcribed title: Segulot, qemi'ot ve-goralot.
Note Instructions: For writing Kabbalistic amulets.
Resource type: text (manuscript).
Medium: Paper.
Extent: 8 fols.
Size: 13,5 x 11 cm.
Language: Hebrew.
Script: Oriental Rabbinic Hebrew script.
Script (detailed): 'Brillenbuchstaben' on fols. 2a and 5b .
Date created: 1700/1899.
Topic: Kabbalah.
Shelf mark: Cod. Sim. Heb. 106.
Collection: The Judaica Collection: The David Simonsen Manuscripts.
Selected references: Allony & Kupfer 1964, # 184.
Comment: Incomplete (= fol. 73-80 from a larger manuscript).

Det Kongelige Bibliotek (Danmarks National bibliotek) also own interesting MSs ! Here is the 'Segulot, qemi'ot ve-goralot' or 'For Writing Kabbalistic Amulets'..

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Det Kongelige Bibliotek (Danmarks National bibliotek)