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The Four Devils Bishops - Theltryon, Spireon, Beytheon, Machyreon

According to many grimoires and manuscripts, there would be four bishops demons in the Infernal Hierarchy. We also already discuss about the Four Kings in the grimoire tradition and about the Four Elemental Kings..

- The FOUR KINGS: Oriens - East / Paymon - West / Egyn - North / Amaymon - South.

Today, I would like to write a post about the Four Kings subordinates spirits, which are:

- The FOUR BISHOPS: Theltryon - East / Spireon - West / Machyreon - North / Beytheon - South.

- Theltryon (Teltrion, Teltryon, Theltrion) -
- Spireon (Sperion, Sireon, Spirion) -
- Beytheion (Bethereon, Betheron, Boytheon) -
- Machyreon (Mahireon, Mayerion, Mahereon) -

It is curious to note that despite their demonic classification, the four bishops are most often summoned to find a good steal or even to reveal the identity of the thief but not to commit bad tasks/missions..

We can find many figures and representations* - i.e magical figures, where the four Bishops are involved. Here some examples of magical figures from several grimoires and manuscritps.. (* I know there are more than 6 representations of this plate..)

I know that this experiment is very similar to an invocation of Theltrion, Spireon, Botheon and Mahireon that appears in BL MS Rawlinson D.252 (fols I 03r- 1 07r) but my own D.252 digiscan is unfortunatly uncomplete, so I can not share with you its magical figure... If you own the full D.252 digiscan, I would be interested ! 

MS SLOANE 3824 - Book Treasure Spirits.

Folger VB26 - Book of Oberon.

Pseudo Bacon - Thesaurus spirituum.

Ms Sloane 3851 - Tractatus et experimenta magica.

 MS SLOANE 3853 - Liber Officium Spirituum.

'The Book Of Oberon' by Daniel Harms, James R. Clark, Joseph H. Peterson - Llewellyn Publications, 2015.

 MS Additional 3544 - The Cambridge Book of Magic.

NB: Original translation and transcription from 'The Book Of Oberon' by Daniel Harms, James R. Clark, Joseph H. Peterson - Llewellyn Publications, 2015.

If you do not have it yet, I strongly recommend that book !

Here beginneth the most true and profitable experiment for to make a thief to come again with that which he hath stolen, at the will of the master. 

There be four kings reigning in four diverse parts of the world, that is to say, east, west, north, and south , under which four kings be four spirits as it were bishops . The power of the said four kings etc. are in the four elements, viz., air, fire, water, and earth, and these spirits have power to bring again the thief with his stolen goods, whither so ever the master will have him, at the reading of this experiment.

Thou must on the Monday at the waxing of the Moon , or on the Wednesday go and be clean shriven, even as clean (I mean as thou shouldst presently die), and then before the Sun arise go and hear a Mass of the Holy Ghost, and then go into a secret place into a wood where no man useth to come and make a plate of lead, in manner of this form, which after ensueth, and write in the midst this name Satan, then write round about above this manner, Satan, the goods stolen, the name of the owner, man or woman, and whatever it be that is stolen: gold, silver, or cattle, etc.

Then make four diverse plates, each by himself, and write the name of the spirit and his sign by him, the name Teltrion in the east, the name Spyrion in the west, the name Boytheon in the south, and the name Mayeryon in the north, and then set the great plate between them, all four with the names of Satan , and the stolen goods by him, and the owner of the goods, and then a little way aside make a round circle and stand therein and say this conjuration.

"Vos spiritus Theltrion, Speryon, Boytheon, et Mayeryon, vel Maorys, quorum nomina sunt hie scripta, Coniuro et exorciso vos spiritus per deum verum per deum sanctum et per omnia san eta no mina domini nostri Iesu Christi, quibus patriarchae et prophetae eum invocaverint et ipse iuvabat eos, et per excellentissime nomen dei + Tetragrammaton + et per omnia que de deo dicta sunt, et dici possunt, et per virtutern omnium sanctorum et sanctarum, et per dissipulorum et Innocentes, et Martiros, et novem ordines Angelorum et per Angelos et Archangel as dei, et per Thronos atque Maiestates, principatus virtutes et potestates, et per Cherubine et Seraphine, et per omnes spirituum ordines, et per prophetas [et] per patriarchas, et per apostolos et per Evangelistas et dissipulos et Innocentes et per Martyros et confessores, et per Monachos, et per heremites, et per omnes virgines, et per omnes viduas , et per omnes sanctos et san etas dei, et per vicinos, per Caelum et Terram per Solem et Lunam et Stellas Caeli, et per undas Maris, ut ubi cumque Citis vel in aqua, vell in ignem vel in aere, vel in terra conveniatis in unum locum, in quo illi latrones, et illos reduxeritis, et reducere faciatis, cum tali re N et N et ut deliberantur in tali loco N, et taly tempore N".

"O you spirits Theltrion, Speryon, Boytheon, and Mayeryon or Maorys , whose names are here written, I conjure and exorcise you spirits by the true God, by the holy God, and by all the holy names of our Lord Jesus Christ by which the patriarchs and prophets called upon him, and he helped them, and by the most excellent name of God + Tetra­grammaton + and by all the words spa­ken by God, and those yet to be spoken, and by the power of all the saints-male and female and by the disciples, the in­nocents, and martyrs, and the nine or­ders of angels, and by the angels and archangels of God, and by the Thrones, Greatnesses [ *Dominations] , Principali­ties, Virtues, and Powers , and by the Cherubim and Seraphin, and all other orders of spirits, and by the prophets, patriarchs, apostles, evangelists, disci­ples, innocents, martyrs, confessors, monks, hermits, and by all virgins and all widows, and by all the saints of God, and by the neighbours, by heaven and earth , by the Sun and Moon, and the stars in the heavens, and by the waves of the sea, that wherever you move, whether in water or fire or air or in earth, that you will assemble together in one place those thieves, and lead them back, and make them return, with these things: X and Y, delivered to this place: X, at this time: X".

"Coniuro vos spiritus Teltryon in Oriente, Sp eryon in Occidente Boetherion in Meridie, et Mayeryon in attentrionale [ * septentrion ale ! ] , Coniuro vos per Regem vestros ut mihi obediatis et voluntatem et desiderium meum impleatis, sine lesione corporis vel anima   mea, veil illius vel illorum per omnia sancta nomina domini nostri Jesu Christi Mess [i] as + Sother + Emanuel! + Sabaoth + Adonay + et Helyon + Ananizapta + Elyzar + et coniuro vos per predicta nomina sacra dei, ut non requiescatis in 4or Elementis, hoc est nee in igne nee in aqua, nee in Aere, nee in Terra, donee illos vell ilium, cum talibus rebus, et tali die et hora, et tali in loco reduxeritis per virtutern omnium celestium, terrestrium, et inferrorum, et in ignem eternum vo s mitti, vos Iubeo, et in catenis igneis, donee impleatis per vera signa, et caracteres, et per Satan, cui debetis obedire, et per omnia mundi elementa et per earum virtutes, vel per 4or mundi plagas, et per Luciferem inferni potestatem, et per omnes herbas, et arbores Lapides que preciosos, per vincula Salamonis, et per  omnia Caelestia, Terrestria, Infernalia".

"I conjure you spirits Teltryon in the East, Speryon in the West, Boetherion in the South, and Mayeryon in the North .* I conjure you by your king, that you obey me, and fulfill my wishes and de­ sires, without harm to my body or soul, or to that one or those ones, by all the holy names of our Lord Jesus Christ, Messias + Sother + Emanuel + Sabaoth + Adonay + and Helyon + Ananizaptat + Elyzar + and I conj ure you by the afore-mentioned sacred names of God, that you rest not in the four elements: Not in the fire, nor the water, not in the air nor the earth, until you lead back that thief or thieves with such things, and in such a day and time, and in such a place, by the power of all celestial, terrestrial, and infernal beings, and I order you to be sent to eternal fire, and in fiery chains, until you satisfy me by a true sign and characters, and by Satan, who you must obey, and by all the elements and all their powers, or by the four plagues of the world,+ and by Lucifer, the power of hell, and by all herbs, trees, precious stones, by the bonds of Solomon, and by all celestial, terrestrial, and infernal beings".

And if thy work come not to effect at the day and hour, bury all thy plates in the earth until it come again, and truly thou shalt not fail, but have it again within short space after. This is the circle of the experiment.

© Llewellyn Publications, 2015.

© Llewellyn Publications, 2015.

God send thee to thy end both health and wish at will, that I thy faithful friend may see thee prosper still. Of all good things the world brings forth, a faithful friend is thing most worth. Yet I live in hope to win our lady's grace, to speak for mercy to her lord, when she shall be in place in utraque fortuna fidelis [ "in each chance faithful" ] The earth profiteth none ( ? ) that I pass for but one.

To be said before the invocation:

"O Lord Jesus Christ, King of Glory, God of all celestial virtues, holy father and marvelous disposer of all things, which from God the Father earnest human into the world, that thou wouldst loose the world from sin, and show unto man true judg­ments, which without beginning and without ending art one God and true to remain Alpha and Omega , the first and the last, the beginning and the ending, which of the Blessed Virgin Mary hast willed to be borne, in whose sight all thing visible and invisible, by whose presence the eyes do behold, and from whom no secret is hid, and unto whom every heart is open, to whom every soul do confess itself and every tongue do speak, to whom all things doubtful, unknown, and hid is manifest and certain, of whose unspeakable sweetness the heavens and the earth be full, to whom all secrets, heavenly, earthly, and infernal, be known, I do beseech thee, hear me, and help me, and be unto me meek and merciful in this present work, and for the love and merit of thy bitter death and passion, vouchsafe of thy great mercy and unspeakable power, to be my protector, shield, and defender against the malice, illusions, and crafty assaults of all unclean and wicked spirits, so that at no time they may have power to hurt or harm me, and grant also most benign and merciful Jesus that N. , a spirit of great power, may through thy omnipotent might, descend by the beams of heavenly light unto me, thy poor servant N. , and that he by the calling of thy holy name may by per­fect demonstration reveal and show unto me N. all things that I shall demand or ask of him and to fulfill my desire. This grant, O merciful God , for the bowels of thy mercy's sake, for thou art our God whose power is unspeakable, whose kingdom is everlasting, and of all creatures glorified, world without end". Amen.


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