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Necromancy Ritual 2 (Occult Secrets from Heptameron)

Here is a simple Necromantic ritual from the 'Occult Secrets' given in the second part, as an appendice, from the French edition of the Heptameron, attributed to Pietro d'Abano..

To get a familiar Spirit.

You should get a very pure gold ring on a Thursday, in which you will engrave what follow: 35, 35 , 35, after what, go near a dying man, and you will put the ring into his mouth.

As soon as the man is dead, pick up the ring (from his mouth), then, 3 days later, go back into the house and say the De Profundis while kneeling, smoke the ring with rue (Ruta graveolens or Herb-of-grace) and conjure the Spirit by his baptism name to answer to you.

First, he will answer to you, order to him to appear and to enter into the ring, he will do it and will always remain with you and will answer to anything you want to know.

(Thoses who will want to get something more expanded on the Necromancy or the art to make coming back the deads in that world, will have recourse to the grand Grimoire, that we will be able to provide them shortly).

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Secrets Occultes (French Abano Heptameron Appendice)