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A trace of the Almadel.. (Wellcome Ms 1433)

Cabale Divine, Seconde Partie, Contenant plusieurs Neuvaines, pratiques et Eclersissements* (* Eclaircissements)  sur le Mistère angélique Par xxx TAM. (Wellcome Ms 1433)

- Date: 1804
- Author; (Presumed) xxx TAM
- Topic: Magic Jewish Literature Talismans
- Illustrated with numerous pen-drawings and figures of talismans, sigils, magical characters & names, etc.; Few astrological and astronomical diagrams, one with volvelles.
- Originals held by Wellcome Library
- Shelfmark: Ms 1433.

The manuscript covers 230 pages. It's beautifully written, and the magical figures are very well executed too. Here are some pictures below in overview..

Now here is the part of the text that really caught my attention. The text reads as follow:

Bénédiction de l'almadel.

« Notre Secoure est au nom du Seigneur,
qui a fait le Ciel et la terre,
Seigneur Ecoutez m'a priere,
et que mes Cris parvienne jusqu'a Vous,
gloire au pere au fils et au St Esprit,
maintenant et pendant tous les Siècles des Siècles, amen,
le Seigneur Soit avec Vous,
et avec Votre Esprit ».


Benediction of the Almadel.

« Our help is in the name of the Lord,
who made heaven and earth,
Lord listen to me prayer,
and let my cries reach you,
glory to the father to the son and to the Holy Spirit,
now and for all the Centuries of the Centuries, amen,
may the Lord be with you,
and with Your Spirit ».

Now comes the second parts of the text, which consists into a simple oraison:


« Nous vous prions Seigneur de Bénir ce plateau de Cire afin qu'apres nous puissions y graver votre St Nom pour qu'il soit et devienne sanctifié par iceluy pour nous servir dans notre op(p)ération a tout ce qui peut être à Votre honneur et gloire et mes besoins, amen ».

Aspergez avec de l'Eau Benite en forme de Croix.


« We pray to you Lord, to bless this plate of Wax, so that we can engrave your Holy Name, so that it may be and become sanctified to serve us in our operation, for all that can be in your honor and glory and for my needs, amen ».

Sprinkle with Holy water by making a Cross shape.

As given I can hardly read Hebrew, I can't compare with the text given in the Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh and in the Sefer ha-Levanah. But anyway, I'm very happy to have found this text and also to have found the manuscript. Wellcome Library Ms 1433 is a real & rare French occult pearl, including many kabbalistic secrets, from great value..

About the Ars Almadel:

‘Ars Almadel Salomonis’, is the fourth book of the “Lemegeton”, commonly referred to as “The Lesser Key of Solomon”. The Almadel has with roots in Ancient Jewish and Arabian Magick, used to invoke and communicate with a specific group of angels with a crystal ball. The Almadel consists of a square plate of wax engraved with magical names and characters, which rests upon four candles constructed with special feet for suspending the plate in the air. The plate has holes in the corners, and mastic incense is burned beneath it so that the smoke flows through the holes and the angel descends. It can be one tablet or four made of wax, one for each of the four chief angels governing the four altitudes. The tablet is used for invocations of the angels of the four altitudes, choras “360 degrees of the zodiac” or (cardinal directions).

The Four Chora of Almadel seem to represent the equinoxes and solstices within the Zodiac. They also represent the seasons & colors associated with them are seasonal: the spring white, the red of summer, the dark green of autumn & the dark of winter. Each Chora governs a season and its three Zodiacal Signs. The first Prince directs the Cardinal Sign of the season, the second the Fixed Sign & the last the Mutable Sign.

Here the Almadel figures according to Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh and in the Sefer ha-Levanah.

Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh.

Sefer ha-Levanah.

About the Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh:

1600-1799, A Hebrew handbook of magic.Title: Sefer Mafteaḥ Shelomoh.Title: ספר מפתח שלמה.Note: Title on f. 1r added by a later hand "ספר חמשה חומשי תורה ס' הלבנה א' ספר המזלות א' ס' מפתחות שלמה עם חכמתו א' וספר הנסיונות אחד ואת המאור הגדול לממשלת היום והלילה". Contains Latin, Greek, Arabic, and Italian words and passages in Hebrew transliteration. Several lacunae: after f. 23 (according to the Hebrew foliation, two leaves are missing), Lacuna after f. 31 (according to Hebrew foliation, 15 leaves are missing), after f. 40 (according to Hebrew foliation, 1 leaf is missing).

Decoration note: With numerous diagrams and figurative illustrations. Most probably drawn by the scribe himself.Filiation: Apparently a continuation of Or 6360. (See also Or 10767).

From Esoteric Archive / Twilit Grotto:

In the critical edition of Véronèse, pp. 135-136, the words are as follows:
  • (In the first quadrant): Adonay, Alyas, Thelyon, Eloy, Pius.
  • (Second): Helyon, Heloim, Helym.
  • (Third): Yoth, Beth, agla
  • (Fourth): Thetagramathon, Saday, Ya
In the corners should be the seal of Solomon [according to editor it is a six angled star.] and between those signs should be written: Honoyteon, Pneumathon, Yatha, and Anabona.

The early 16th century example in Boudet has six-pointed stars in each of the 4 corners, and the following words: (outer-most border) adonay selem pius / elyon eloy ely / Ioth heth agla / tetragramathon saday ya; (inside border) henoytheon / primeuiuaton [=*primuematon?] / jatha / anabona ; (around inner hexagram) hel / hel / hel / hel / hel / hel.

Compare this with the version found in Sepher Mafteah Shelomoh: ADNI ALHM RChMN (the last word means "merciful"; equivalent of Latin "pius"/compassionate) / Tetragrammaton ShDI IH / IVD BITh AGLA / OLIVN ALHI ALI; (inner) HVMAITAN / ANBN / IIR / PRIAAMRAVN.

According to Boudet, there are two different versions of Almadel (or Almandal), known from at least six Latin manuscripts and two German translations dating from the fifteenth century. [Jean-Patrice Boudet, Entre science et nigromancie, Publications de la Sorbonne, 2006, p. 149.] JHP

Here beginneth the fourth part of this Booke which is called Salomons Almadel Art..

By this Rule [art] Salomon obtained great wisdom from the cheefe Angells that governe the 4 Altitudes of the world for you must observe [that] there be 4 Altitudes, representing the 4 corners of the world, East, West, North and South. The which are divided into 12 parts, that is, every part or Altitude into 3, and the Angells of every of these altitudes have their particulars vertues and powers, as shall be shewed in this following matter &c c c.

The Making of the Almadel.

Make the Almadel of pure white wax, but colloured sutable to the altitude [as will be shown]; it is to be four squares [square], and six Inches [over] every way; and in every corner a hole and write betwixt every hole with a new pen, These words or names of god, following, but this is to be done in the day and hour of Sol. Write upon the first part towards the East, Adonai, Helomi, Pine, and upon the second towards the south, Helion, Heloi, Heli, and upon the west part: Jod, Hod, Agla: and upon the fourth part which is the north write these names: Tetragrammaton, Shadai, Jah, and betwixt the first and the other quarters make The Pentacle of Salomon thus [pentacle], and betwixt the first and [the] other quarters write this word, Anabona and in the midle of the Almadel make a six angled figure and in the middest off it a Triangle wherin must be written these names of god, Hel, Helion, Adoni [Adonai], And this last name round in the 6 Angled figure, [as well,] as you may see in this figure, here made it being for an example &c.

And of the same wax there must be made four Candles, and they must be of the same collour as the Almadel is of. you must divide the wax into three parts, one part for to make the Almadel of, and the other 2 parts for to make the candles of, and let there come forth from every one of them a foot made of ye same wax, for to suporte ye Almadel with; This being done: in the next place you are to make a seal of pure gold or silver, but Gold is best wherein must be engraven these three names: Helion, Hellujon, Adonai; &c c.

MODERN Figure.


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