Tractatus Artis Notoriae inaestimabilum et propositiones ... (M 242 Flores Aureos)

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- Full Title: Tractatus artis notoriae inaestimabilum et propositiones ejus in compendio excerptas quas ille praeclarus Interpres Apollonius flores aureos appellavit
- Date: 17th century
- Uniform Title: Ars Notoria (flores aureos)
- Language: Latin
- Binding: Paper boards, spine reinforced with binder's waste
- Physical Description: 210 x 174 mm; 272 pp. 17th century; paper, watermark
- Provenance: Walther Adam, Magdeburg and Goslar (1918/30-1964), according to the booksellers' description
- Remarks: Thorndike (Magic and Experimental Science) claims 'There seems to be little difference between the notory art of Solomon, that of Solomon, Machineus, and Euclid, and the Golden Flowers of Apollonius, in which Solomon is mentioned almost every other sentence, but this manuscript is not altogehter similar to Robert Turner's Ars Notoria (1657)
Contents: Orations and meditations of a christian-kabbalistic character
- Illumination + Illustration: Coloured-in illustrations on: p. 11, 32, 102, 124, 144, 155, 187, 271


Embassy of the free mind - M 242