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De Candariis Salomonis - De Quatuor Annulis & Duodecim Candariarum (De Novem Candarii) [En]

Ms W4664 which is written in 'François', gives important informations about the Candarii. In the text, another passage describes the famous Annuli Quartet or The Four Rings.

In the same way, the reader will realize that the ritual of the 'Quatuor Annuli' in question here refers to the amking of 4 magical rings. So (unless I'm mistaken), there is no mention here of the Annuli Salomonis Quartet attributed to Peter of Abano (Petri de Abano - Cod.Mag 34).

Moreover, the reader will also realize that the 4 rings must be arranged in a rather particular way and that the ritual of the 4 rings is connected to the ritual of the 12 Candaries to the extent that they are all integral parts of the same ritual (or Conjuration).

Let's now compare the contents from W4664 with the content from Ms Bnf 14787, which also describes the Candaries and the 4 Rings. 

Let's start with the 4 figures of the 4 rings according to Ms W4664 and according to Ms 14784.

Illustration below: De Quator Annuli - W4664.

De Quator Annuli - W4664.

Illustration below: De Quatuor Annuli - 14787.

De Quatuor Annuli - Ms 14787.

De Quatuor Annuli - Ms 14787.

Let's continue with the figures of the 12 Candarii:

Illustration below: Figures of the 12 Candarii - W4664.

Figures of the 12 Candarii - W4664 Part 1

Figures of the 12 Candarii - W4664 Part 2

Figures of the 12 Candarii - Ms 14787.
Figures of the 12 Candarii - Ms 14787.
Figures of the 12 Candarii - Ms 14787.

Figures of the 12 Candarii - Ms 14787.

Figures of the 12 Candarii - Ms 14787.

Figures of the 12 Candarii - Ms 14787.

What may be the function of the 4 rings ???

Ms W4664 gives us the (first answer) answer in the text but also in image:

Ms W4664 - Indications for elaborating the Great Circle (Quintuple) of Saturn with the 4 rings.

The Ms W4664 continues in its stride with the figure of the 4 Rings (Fol.49) then with the figure of the Great Quintuple Circle of Saturn. Here is the first arrangement and use of the 4 Rings. They will be used to set up a magic circle; being arranged at the four corners of the circle. Here, only 8 names of spirits are written around the circle..

W4664 - Great Circle (Quintuple) of Saturn with the 4 rings

If we look closely at the illustration above, we can read the location where the 4 rings should be placed. From each of the 4 sides of the circle, write 2 of the 8 names of the great unclean spirits so that they know what they have to do (sic!)..

In Ms 14787, the illustration of the Great Circle (Quintuple) of Saturn is missing/incomplete, as we can see below.

Ms 14787 Uncomplete figure of the Great Quintuple Circle of Saturn.

Follows another even bigger magic circle. By observing the figure and reading carefully what is written there, one can read several interesting indications, namely concerning this magic circle:

- The Magister will be accompanied by 4 Disciples.

- These will take place within the inner circle, each one of the disciple take place at 1 of the 4 cardinal points of the inner circle;

- Each of the four disciples will be provided with a sword (sword) and a candlestick (which implies that the latter carries a lighted candle) on each of the four candlesticks;

- The 4 rings will be placed at the feet of the 4 acolytes towards the center of the main circle, ie a little closer to the Magister which will be held in the center of the circle; (Here is the second arrangement and use of the 4 Rings).

- 4 protective hexagrams are positioned at the four corners of the circles;

- A list of 40 names of Impure Spirits is inscribed in the curvature of the outer circle. The distribution is made so that the circle is cut to 12 equal parts (segments) each segment of which contains a list of names of spirits. Note that the 4 cardinal directions describe 4 names of spirits each time, while the 8 secondary segments only describe 3 names of Spirit each time.

(Thus 4+3+3+4+3+3+4+3+3+4+3+3=40)

- 8 more candlesticks should be placed around the 4 corners of the circle, ie 2 per side.

- The Magister will then have before him the censer as well as the book to be consecrated by the spirits. He will hold the Wand (Verge / Virga) in his hand.

Illustration below: Grand Circle Figure - Ms W4664:

Figure of the Grand Circle - to W4664

Illustration below: Incomplete Figure of Grand Circle - to Ms 14787:

Figure incomplète du Grand Cercle selon Ms 14787

Illustration below: Location of Magister, 4 Magic Rings, 4 Adepts, and 4 Candles:

UPDATE: SEPT. 19 / 2019

Latin / English / French..

Cereus = Latin term for 'WAX'.

Mr Joseph H. Peterson graciously shared precious informations on Fb.

> Ollae cum carbonibus = Dish with Charcoal.

Quote: "Olla" (Dish) and "cereus" at top, bottom, left, and right are vessels (for charcoals) (ollae cum carbonibus) and wax tapers.The small circles that you label "acolyte" each have 3 things: a numbered candaria (pentacle), a discipulus (student or disciple), and a gladius (sword). (JHP)

With  Mr. Peterson's unvaluable comments and with the help of my friend's help too, now I know clearly where the 12 Candarii should be arranged. Note that Cardinal directions indications are missing from W4664 illustration but are given in French in Ms 14787 (except Oriens (Orient) which is given at the base indication:





SQUARE CIRCLE Indications (Ms 14784): 

- ORIENS > LeftPart: CAND. 5 / 1st Ring / RightPart: CAND. 6

- MERIDIES > LeftPart: CAND. 7 / 2nd Ring / RightPart: CAND. 8

 -OCCIDENS >  LeftPart: CAND. 9 / 3rd Ring / RightPart: CAND. 10

- SEPTENTRIO > LeftPart: CAND. 11 / 4th Ring / RightPart: CAND. 12

Now the 12 Candarii location 'mystery' has been solved !

Absinth (Artemisia Absinthium) and Holy Water should be placed from each side of the Magister..

What also caught my attention is a simple sentence given in Ms W4464:

"Invocations à toutes les Candaries, Roys, Princes et Ducs etc..."..

Could it be that the Candaries should be consecrated with what looks to me like a sort of Conjuration ?

Here are the details of the process of consecration:

1) The Magister should be oriented towards 'Oriens'.

Ismadiel (a prince who reigns over the Orientalis) is forced to come with his ministries, then the first King (Rex Primus) Asmodiel as well as other spirits which Zariel and Zerebiel are also conjured.

"Ubi es tu Ismadiel, Princeps exercitus Orientalis et tu ubi sunt regis tui"..

In this passage of the text, Asmodiel is (also) quoted and forced to manifest himself with 19 other subordinate Spirits ...

2) The Magister should be oriented towards 'Australis'.

He will take the Book in his hand, and the Wand in the other hand and say:

"Ubi es tu Amaymon princeps australis militis ad quid tardas venire, cum tuis principibus.."...

In this passage of the text, Amaymon is quoted and forced to manifest himself with 19 other subordinate Spirits ...

3) The Magister should be oriented towards 'Occidentis'.

"Ubi est Paymon Rex regnorum omnium Occidentis"..

In this passage of the text, Paymon is quoted and forced to manifest itself with 19 other subordinate Spirits ...

4) Quote: Then prepare your sword in the North, while looking at it, put it on the occult book and raising your voice with a sigh said:

"Ubi es tu Egyn, Rex Septentrionis qui est sicut Azena maris*".. (Azenamaris ?) 

In this passage of the text, Egyn is quoted and forced to manifest himself with 19 other subordinate Spirits ...

5) Next, the Magister must walk in the circle-shaped center and then circle the inner circle four times, saying:

"O Lucifer qui mane oriris, suscita vos omnes per quos propriis nominibus invocavi"..

6) After a long conspiracy involving all the aforementioned spirits names:

Quote: "Here we extinguish everything, except the hidden light, and all having holy water, sprinkle it, then say aloud:

'Archale, Bathala, Thanala, Arnala, Pamerola, erumpite undique et venite' !

7) Quote: "There will come all spirits and kings, the first in the cloud, the second on fire, the third in earthquake, the fourth in whirlwinds, cloud or shining rain, and it will make a great noise, that one is not afraid, but commands the Prince of the Orient that it does not rain, that of the South, that he does not burn, that of the West that he does not make tremors, that of Aquilon , that he does not faint, holding the rod (in hand) commands them silence and says:

"Ecce convocavi vos reges cum omnibus cogitationibus"..

8) Spirits will be welcomed as follows:

"Praecipio vobis ergo ut accipiatis nunc librum vestris nominibus dicatum ut consecractus"..

9) Then using the Verge (Baguette), the Book is given to the spirits who will have to consecrate it.

10) Meanwhile recite Psalm 113 'In exitu Israel de Aegypto'..

11) Once the book is recovered, the Magister will recite llicense to the spirits:

"Ite in pace, nullos nostrorum exceclentes, nec ali cui malum facientes"..

12) Then, the Magister will have to throw (to the outside) "pieces of earth" (Deniers) on each side of the circle and sprinkle with holy water the circle of the Spirits (Spiritum loci) to leave his own circle and will take possession of the Book consecrated from the circle of spirits to quickly return to his own magic circle and recite the Psalm 25 'Iudica me Domine'..

13) Next, the Magister will have to destroy the circle or cover it with earth, eventually coming out of the West, and he will say Psalm 15 'Conserva me Domine'..

Up to 4 books can be consecrated inside the circle..

Notae: The disposition of the 12 Candaries is not well explained in this part of the text, but I think to solve this enigma soon with the help of some friends and with some other sources at my disposal .. I have not read any mention that it is necessary to wear the Candaries on oneself..

On the other hand, it seems obvious that the 4 Rings are needed to compel the 4 Great Kings to manifest. I think that just like the Hexagram of Solomon grants authority to the Magister on most spirits; the 4 Rings may be able to somehow 'bind' the 4 Great Kings, at least in this particular version of the ritual detailed in Ms W4664 (?) ..

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Ms W4464 Wellcome
Ms Bnf 14787