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Astrological and medical compilation, end of the 15th century.

Astrological and medical compilation, end of the 15th century.

- Subjects: Astrology
- Early works to 1800 / Medicine
- Form: Manuscripts England 15th century.
- Date: 1485-1499
- Call Number: mss HM 64
- Physical Description: 196 leaves : paper ; 307 x 215 (227 x 180) mm.
- Contributors: John XXI, Pope, -1277 / Johannes Paulinus / Galen / Joannes Jacobi, -1384 / Hippocrates.

- Notes: Ms. codex. Compilation of several astrological and medical works, including a calendar, astronomical and astrological tables, medical recipes and charms.

Title from printed catalogue. Paper, i + 196 + i; 1²⁴ (as suggested by paired presence and absence of watermarks, - the first 2 leaves and the last leaf, after f. 29; + an inserted gathering of 8 leaves, ff. 18-25) 2²⁶(-10 after f. 38) 3²² 4-8²⁴. 2 catchwords only, at the end of quire 2 (f. 54v) and quire 8 (f. 196v), both enclosed in red frames. 2 columns of 32-37 lines, except on ff. 34v-47v (arts. 21, 22) with long lines, and ff. 72v-79 (art. 30) in verse. Ruled in lead; round prick marks in the 3 outer margins. 

Contemporary foliation shows loss of one leaf after f. 29 and after the present f. 38, both with loss of text; the foliation apparently skipped the numbers 44 and 88, as text and quire structure run continuously.

Written in England towards the end of the fifteenth century; computistic cycles in the calendar are dated 1480 and 1520; some of the feasts in the liturgical calendar were instituted in 1480 (Visitation, Frideswide, Etheldreda); the feast of the Transfiguration was instituted in England in 1487; on f. 72 is a mention of Henry VII, showing that part of the text to be written in 1485 or later.

Written in a mixed, predominantly secretary script; rubrics usually in a textura formata script; occasional words written in cipher (e.g. ff. 50, 102v, 111, 143, 163). Illustrations in ink, with hair tinted yellow, of a Vein Man (f. 8v) and 2 Zodiac Men (ff. 12v, 14); urine bottles, not colored in, on ff. 39-47v; diagrams, charts, tables and astrological signs in ink of the text, in red and in yellow wash. 4- to 1-line initials, usually in red only, some in red with crude ink flourishing, some also with a yellow wash (through f. 17); 1-line initials in the text slashed in red; red paragraph marks and some red rubrics. Binding: bound in 1971 in polished calf; previous binding, in 18th century

- Thanks to Ora Clavis.

Figura (Rotas) Pro Victoria.

This one grants Victory in battles and wars.

Figura Contra Demones

This one preserve from the demons' attacks.

Figura Contra morte subita.

This one preserve against Sudden Death (may be for newborn babies).. It contains the crossed classical AGLA acronym figure.

Figura Contra inimicus

This one preserve against your ennemies.