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The Eight Most Holy Tables Of The Fathers.

This post is a compilation of comments from various contributors from FB group: Solomonic Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires, a group managed by Aaron Leitch.All the Contributors names (to whom I am very grateful) are written at the end of the post.

The Table of Practice from the Teurgia Goetia contains the famous Table of Solomon, which is also represented in the Magickal Calendar.

We can see that Wisdom virtue is represented by the Table of Solomon, and we can also note that it is the model of the figure that is used on the Great Pentacle of Solomon, according to the Greater Key of Solomon.

Finally, we can see that seven other Tables also exist, which may be used for various magical purposes.

This first peculiar figure below is one of eight wax seals, and whoever wishes to use them will have to pour soft wax on them, and then affix these famous magic Seals, to imprint them.

The Teurgia Goetia clearly indicates to place the crystal on the table of practice:

"You may call these spirits into a Crystall stone or Glass Receptacle, [this] being an Ancient & usuall way of Receiveing & binding of spirits, This Cristall stone must be four Inches Diameter sett on a Table of Art made as followeth [according to the following figure] wich is truly called the secrett Table of Solomon, & having the seale of the spirit on your Breast, and the Girdle about your wast [waist] and you cannot erre, the forme of the Table is Thus, as this present figure doth here represent & shew, behold the [thee] the figure"..

Table de Salomon.

This is what the Table of Practice (Seal of Solomon version) should look like.

With the courtesy of Frater S.

The last example above adds some artistic effects, making it circular instead of squared; including the name of Solomon written in Hebrew around a border and the colours (black and gold) which are also not mentioned in the Teurgia Goetia.

Of course, that being said, the procedure is rather obscure. Each of these models is, essentially, a kind of Almadel. It will either be made of wax or painted on a table (etc.) and will then serve as a focus for magical contemplation.

For the Wisdom (earthly) operations, the Table of Solomon will be used. The other seven will be used for the operations related to their nature, visions, divine wisdom, miracles, healing, etc.

Theoretically, therefore, we will have a set of eight practice tables, and we will swap them during the rituals, if necessary.

The proper table will serve as the base for the contemplation apparatus. Just like the one described by Abbot Johaness Trithemius in his DSIC..

The magic calendar also shows us that number 8 refers to the seven planets plus the realm of the fixed stars, which should give us a clue as to how to use it.

Wax is in fact just one of the many different materials from which an Almadel can be made. It can also be made from metal (Abramelin), or painted on wood (Ars Paulina, Enochian Magic), or engraved or painted on mirrors, or even carved in wax.

Most of the Spirits and Seals contained in the Teurgia Goetia are also found in the Steganographia of Johaness Trithemius.

Once the ritual is completed, the Practice Table will be placed in a white silk or linen cloth, previously exorcised.

The Eight Most Holy Tables of the Fathers*.

(Ms Harley 3420)

Adam - IntelligenceMoises - MiraclesElias - Divine wisdomJoshua - Prophecies
Ezechiel - HealthDaniel - Dreams interpt.Solomon -Wisdom (Earth)Jeremiah - Visions

* Source: © Twilit Grotto -

Above Source: Ms 243 (18th century -Latin and German)

Contributors whose comments were quoted in this post:

Aaron Leitch  / Damon Zacharias Lycourinos / John Madziarczyk.