Magical Tools & Notes:

- Abramelin Oil - (Various Magical Recipes)..
- Analysis on the Pentacles of Jupiter
- Atbash Cipher Method - אתבש
- Codex Angelis (PART 1 Angelical & Demonical Charts)
- Codex Angelis (PART 2 Angelical Charts)
- Correspondences between Geomantic Figures & Talismanic Glyphs
- Garments of the Solomonic High Priest
- La Main de Gloire (Hand of Glory)
- Le Pantalon Nécromantique (Necropants)
- Les Huit Tables très Saintes des Pères.
- Metal, Sigils & Blades in Magick.. Part 1 (Athame, Bolline & Tools)
- Metal, Sigils & Blades in Magick.. Part 2 (Sword & Tools)
- MSs Arsenal Library - MSs Index and Links..
- Psalms & Pentacles from the Greater Key of Solomon
- Reconstruction of the Veneris Pentacle
- Spirit List From Recension C “Testament of Solomon” (A.C. George)
Various Gematria Permutations
- Writing Archangels Names in Sigil Form using Rose Cross
- The 44 Magic Pentacles from The Greater Key of Solomon
- The Jupiter Cash Box
- The Kabbalistic Alphabet Characters & other Geomantical figures
- The Pentalpha Ring
- The Planetary Correspondences from Agrippa
- The Planetary Spirits, Intelligences, Angels & Daimones..
- The Magic Circle (Part 1) (Lemegeton)
- The Magic Circle (Part 2)
- The Trident of Paracelsus
- The Solomonic Trident & Lance (GKoS)
- The Magic Candles (GKoS)
- The Magic Bell of Evocation
- The Mysterious Agimat: A Magical Clothe and Talisman
- The Brass Vessel (Lemegeton)
- The Venus Staff (GKoS)
- The Shoes of the Arte (GKoS)
- The Mirror of Floron
- The Mirror of Lilith
- The Mirror of Solomon
The Staff of Solomon (GKoS)
- The Ring of Solomon (Lemegeton)
- The Secret Seal of Solomon (Lemegeton)
- The Hexagram of Solomon (Lemegeton)
- The Pentragam of Solomon (Lemegeton)
- The Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror (Part4) (Lemegeton)
- The Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror (Part3) (Lemegeton)
- The Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror (Part2) (Lemegeton)
- The Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror (Part1) (Lemegeton)